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Security for your construction site

Far too often builders, contractors and remodelers who don’t make security a priority, arrive at the jobsite only to find tools, building materials and supplies have been stolen. Not only does the work get delayed as you take the time to replace the missing items, but buying new materials and supplies can cut into your profits.

When it comes to ensuring security for your construction site,  The Home Depot  offer superior locks in a variety of types and styles designed for your job and your budget.

When selecting a lock, think of the items you want to protect.

When you select a lock, always think of the value of the items that you want to protect.

Master Lock’s Magnum Padlocks

When selecting a padlock, always consider the value of the item you are trying to protect. Quality construction tools are expensive and materials left on the job may be even more costly. Investing in a high-quality Magnum padlock is an easy and affordable way to protect your jobsite.

Master Lock’s Magnum padlocks combine high-end materials with advanced design and manufacturing processes to deliver the highest levels of security available. Key security features include:

  • Tough-Cut octagonal boron-carbide shackle – 50 percent stronger than hardened steel – is nearly impossible to cut with bolt cutters.
  • The four-pin and five-pin tumbler cylinders make the locks very difficult to pick.
  • Dual ball-bearing locking provides the maximum pry resistance and hammer resistance available in a retail padlock.
  • Increased shackle clearance makes it possible for you to use the locks in more areas.
  • Covered keyways help keep dirt and moisture out of the lock for smooth and long-lasting operation.
  • Reinforced body bumpers protect the locked surfaces from scratches and dents.
  • All Magnum locks are offered in keyed-alike sets so you can open multiple locks using the same key, eliminating the need to carry multiple keys.

Master Lock Magnum Laminated Padlocks feature Dual-Armor construction, which includes a steel core for maximum strength and weather-resistant outer components to resist rusting.

For use in extreme weather, Magnum Steel Covered Keyed Padlocks are built with covered keyways, shackle weather seals, and a weather-resistant cover to withstand the harshest environments.

Magnum Shrouded Disc Locks have both a Magnum Tough Cut shackle and an anti-cut shroud around the shackle to further prevent the shackle from being cut. These locks are also designed with 100 percent stainless steel bodies and covered keyways to hold up to the elements.

Solid body padlocks, such as the Magnum Steel Padlock, offer the highest level of security available in a retail padlock with laminated steel core surrounded by stainless steel and zinc outer components for durability, boron-carbide shackle for maximum strength, five-pin cylinder for increased pick resistance and ball-bearing locking for maximum pry resistance.

Magnum Set-Your-Own-Combination Locks provide ideal security for jobsites where multiple users need access. You can set the lock to any combination you want and easily change the combination periodically to prevent unauthorized users from opening the lock.

Defiant Locks

For exterior residential use, Defiant locks with all-metal construction are a great value and resist picking, kicking, prying and sawing for superior security. Easy to install and use, Defiant Locks feature:

  • The deadbolt latch is a solid 1-inch throw bolt – some locks use a hollow throw bolt – with an anti-saw rod built into it. The deadbolt also has an anti-drill shield on the cylinder and an anti-pry shield. The deadbolt features a large turn button on the interior side to make it easier to use.
  • All keyed Defiant locks have pick-resistant pins and plated cylinders that match the finish of the lock.
  • All latches are adjustable to fit most doors and include a radius face-plate. Knobs are one-piece construction and color matched screws are included.
  • The real stainless steel finish will not tarnish or rust.

Other security options

There are other options for ensuring security for your construction site. Use a high-security Magnum padlock with a strong cable to anchor ladders, generators, table saws, etc. When selecting a cable, thicker is better, and always anchor it to an immovable object, such as a light post or heavy equipment.

Protect yourself too

Protect your hands on the jobsite with Max Fit Gorilla Grip black nylon multi-purpose gloves from The Home Depot. Ideal for any wet or dry application that requires hand protection, these gloves use a never-slip technology that ensures a secure hold and feature a patented grip dip for added durability. The gloves are large for a comfortable fit and draw moisture away from the skin for added comfort.

For exterior residential use, Defiant locks with all-metal construction are a great value and resist picking, kicking, prying and sawing for superior protection.

-By Pam Gruebnau

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