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High-quality construction tools are key to success

Running a construction business successfully takes courage, determination, a whole set of organizational and negotiation skills and high-quality construction tools.

“I started out working as a construction laborer, until I decided to take the plunge with my wife and become a general contractor more than 20 years ago,” says Efrain Robles, president of Robles Construction Services in Waukegan, Ill. Today, my children have joined the company, and even though it’s grown, it is still very much a family affair.”

Robles says his first big break came when he was asked to help rebuild a halfway house that had been burned to the ground. “It was a big responsibility,” he says. “The previous contractor had abandoned the job and federal funding for the project was on the line. It was a real test of skills and determination, but the experience was priceless, and in the process, I helped a good cause.”

According to Robles, honesty, responsibility and high-quality construction tools are the keys to his success. “I am a tool freak,” he says. “I know what it means to have to cut a wet plank of wood with a handsaw, and I appreciate the marvel of technology. High-quality construction tools make all the difference. They can improve delivery time and lower your labor costs dramatically.”

High-quality construction tools: Makita circular sawHigh-quality construction tools

Makita 8-1/4 inch magnesium circular saw with LED lights & electric brake, #5008MGA.

“This is one of my favorite brands for circular saws. It’s lightweight and powerful. I have built quite a few large homes with this saw, and it certainly delivers.”

High-quality tools from Diablo

Diablo 10-inch 84 tooth carbide circular blade, #D1084L.

“This is definitely one of my high-quality tools. It’s fantastic. I use this Diablo blade for my finer cuts with oak and white pine. The durability is outstanding. You get thousands of cuts per blade and protect your saw’s motor in the process.”

High-quality construction tools: Makita angle grinder

Makita 7-inch angle grinder, #GA7021.

“This angle grinder is great for making small cuts when installing tiles. It can get extremely cold in Illinois during the winter, and using a wet saw outside when no basement is available at the jobsite can be a challenge. This small but powerful grinder saves the day.”

High-quality construction tools: RIDGID portable table saw with stand


RIDGID 10-inch 15 Amp heavy-duty portable table saw with stand R4510.

“This portable table saw delivers power and portability. I can easily load it and unload it from my truck and have it set up in no time. The wheels allow me to move it around the jobsite as needed.”

RIDGID 8000-Watt Generator with Subaru engine RD8000.

“I bought this generator a few months ago and it’s turned out to be a great addition to my tool fleet. It is truly portable and provides hours and hours of power for several tools at a time.”

High-quality construction tools: Roberts vinyl tile cutter


Roberts 18-inch vinyl tile cutter.

“We install a lot of flooring, particularly vinyl tile, and having a reliable tile cutter that makes consistent cuts is important to us. This vinyl tile cutter is accurate and efficient.”

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