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What's in your toolbox?

What’s in your toolbox? Javier Saucedo

Javier Saucedo, Energy Conservation Consultant, Ventura, California

Javier Saucedo, 54, became an energy conservation consultant in Southern California 15 years ago and has never looked back.

Find out what 3 tools Javier Saucedo believes are essential in the Energy Conservation Consultant field

What’s in your toolbox? Edward Nicosia

Edward Nicosia, Independent Plumbing and Heating Contractor, Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts

After 29 years of experience as a plumbing and heating contractor, plus four as an apprentice, Edward Nicosia can not only rattle off his favorite tools but tell you precisely how they earned their place in his van.

Find out what 7 tools Edward Nicosia believes are essential in a plumbing and heating contractor’s toolbox and workshop.

What’s in your toolbox? Ronald Sauvé

Ronald Sauvé, Builder/Remodeler, Eliot, Maine

Ronald Sauvé , builder and remodelerRonald Sauvé, pronounced “so-VAY,” was introduced to building as a kid growing up in rural Vermont in 1950s and 1960s and started working in building trades in 1970. When work needed to be done around the house and farm, his family would do it.

Find out what tools Ronald Sauvé believes are essential in a builder and remodeler’s toolbox and workshop.

What’s in your toolbox? Ron J Van Benschoten

Ron J Van Benschoten, Remodeler/Project Manager, R&K Harmony Homes LLC, Cincinnati, OH

Ron J Van Benschoten, Home RemodelerRon Van Benschoten left the construction industry reluctantly in the early 1980s after deciding he could better support his young family by earning a degree in computer science. The plan worked out well financially, but Van Benschoten missed the sense of accomplishment he felt installing decks, windows, doors, awnings and other home improvements.

Find out what Ron J Van Benschoten believes are the 7 key remodeling tools in his toolbox.

What’s in your toolbox? Joe DiTonno

Joe DiTonno, Contractor Estimator, Stewart & Tate Construction, York, Pennsylvania
Joe DiTonno contractor estimator Pro estimator Joe DiTonno of York, Penn. explains why he thinks his Milwaukee Tool Super Sawzall is the best reciprocating saw on the market, why his oldest tool is still his favorite and names his 5 other favorite remodeling tools in this edition of What’s in Your Toolbox?

See 7 versatile remodeling tools that Joe recommends.

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