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Re-grout a tiled shower

How to re-grout a tiled shower

If you are remodeling an old bathroom where mold is present in the shower, it’s likely you’ll have to re-grout the walls. The hardest part of the job is removing the old, stained grout, but here is how to re-grout a tiled shower and what tools make the job a lot easier.

 If mold is present in the shower, it’s likely you’ll have to re-grout the walls.Aside from an Epoxy grout, you’ll need the following materials to re-grout a tiled shower: a sponge, a grout float, a grout remover (such as a grout rake or a power grinder) and a grout finisher, according to installers. Make sure the new grout color complements the tile.

Step 1: Remove the old grout

Dried grout is difficult to remove. However, a grout rake can make the process less painstaking. Use pressure and firmly cut the rake’s teeth into the grout.

Electric grout removers, like a power grinder, are recommended when covering large areas because they make your work faster and easier.

According to the North American Tile Cleaning Organization, remove 1/8th of the old grout to create a firm foundation for the new grout. To reduce the risk of damage, start removing the grout from the middle of the tile rather than the corners. Remove the vertical grout lines before moving onto the horizontal ones.

After you’ve removed the old grout, use a wet cloth to remove any residue.

Step 2: Apply new grout

Before starting to re-grout a tiled shower, ask the clients not to use the shower for a few days to ensure it’s dry. The North American Tile Cleaning Organization says “mix the grout to a peanut butter consistency,” and don’t add too much water.

A grout float works well to apply grout over large areas. In addition, push the grout out diagonally, applying pressure to ensure it is firmly in the scrapped out lines.

Step 3: Clean the area

The grout will begin to harden in 30 minutes. Before the grout hardens, wipe the area clean using a damp sponge; constantly rinse the sponge while you work. Too much water can weaken and discolor the grout, according to the North American Tile Cleaning Organization, so don’t reapply water.

Once the lines look even and clean and the grout has hardened a bit, use a grout finisher to smooth the lines. This will leave a powdery film on the tiles, which later can be wiped clean with a cloth.

After about two days, seal the grout and caulk the shower, installers say. In another day or so, the shower should be ready to use.
– Mina Haq

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