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No job too big or too small, an HCA success story

Alberto M. Vazquez

Alberto M. Vazquez, AMV Construction, with his family.

Twelve years ago, Alberto Vazquez of Charlotte, N.C., used his passion for home remodeling to launch his own remodeling business. Today, that company, AMV Construction, is a successful full service construction company that specializes in interior and exterior home remodeling, including decks, porches, gazebos, kitchens, baths and more.

“Although we’ve grown into a full service firm, no job is too big or too small for us,” says Vasquez. “We still do pressure washing, clean gutters and perform other handyman services.”

Starting his business in 2001 was an uphill battle in a worsening economy, and, he says, it’s been an ongoing struggle dealing with untrained and inexperienced competitors that confuse and ultimately disappoint customers.

In contrast, AMV Construction’s dedicated, professional staff makes home improvement ideas a reality for its customers.

“We pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality service,” says Vasquez, “and we are fully insured and licensed. And we are members of the Home Builders Association and the Hispanic Construction Association of the Carolinas.”

Vazquez credits the Hispanic Construction Association of the Carolinas (HCA Carolinas) with giving him the knowledge and confidence he needed to branch out into commercial construction and remodeling.

“I heard about the association through the newspaper and recommendations by friends,” he says. “I attended all the meetings and learned what HCA Carolinas can do for Hispanic contractors.”

Vazquez learned to read plans at classes conducted by the association, which he says really propelled his business forward. He also attended classes on estimating and on Occupational Health and Safety Association regulations. “I think I gained the most from learning how to read plans,” he says. “It was a critical part in making the move from residential to commercial work.”

Vazquez now serves as a Committee Member at the HCA Carolinas. “Many small companies need to learn about law and legal procedures and HCA can teach them,” he says. “And then there are the practical things like understanding costs, learning how to estimate and information on how to grow the business, that make a huge difference. HCA can help them be better in everything they do.”

And it’s a great place to learn from other contractors. “I always share experiences about our jobs and projects with other HCA members,” he says. “And it helps me to learn from hearing about their experiences.”

Vazquez plans to grow his business. He’s a big believer in searching for knowledge on-line and updating his skills with quality material he finds there. And as he needs people to expand his business, will he use his HCA partners?

“Yes,” he says. “Absolutely.”

—By Steve Sturgess

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