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How to Build a Safe Deck

Assuring a family’s safety begins with knowing how to build a safe deck properly By Ryaan J. Tuttle Relaxing on the deck offers iconic backyard bliss, but too many homeowners rush into the project without considering the very real threat of deck collapse. Without proper support, decks run the risk of shearing away from the [...]

Tiling a Tub Enclosure Ceiling

The shower. The ceiling. The tiling. Most traditional tub and shower combinations have tile running up the walls to at least 7 feet – higher on custom installations. Some include a ceiling of tile, and a sliding door or folding door for a complete shower or tub enclosure. One of the biggest problems with tiling a [...]

Stylish Safety in the Bathroom

When it comes to safety in the bathroom, it doesn't need to look boring. Harsh, unattractive grab bars in bathrooms are a thing of the past, thanks to an assortment of sleek, smooth looks available to remodelers. By Jennifer Morrell Today’s bathrooms are more stylish than ever, but they also call for safety compliance. With many of [...]

Tackling a shower tile backsplash

A tiled shower. Let's face it – at some stage during the "we-need-to-renovate-the-look-of-the-house-now" stage, every bathroom is in line for a refresh. And when it comes to refreshing the bathroom, nothing ticks that box like a shower tile backsplash. The other benefit to a shower tile backsplash is to head off any water damage. Water can [...]

Installing Picture Rail Molding

It's visual. It doesn't make a mess of your walls. It works perfectly for the room. Picture rail molding is the look that keeps on giving. Along with providing a visual aesthetic to any room, you don't have to worry about making a bunch of holes in the wall to hang pictures. Here is how [...]

Find the Right Crown Molding

The right trim can transform a room. That's where crown molding comes in. Providing that decorative look, it adds a visual aesthetic to any room. It also can give any project that custom look. The key is finding the right crown molding. If you're working with a large enough room, you can use more than [...]

Installing Crown Molding

In the right room, with the right material and the right installation, nothing attracts more attention than crown molding. Ask any realtor, and he'll tell you that a room with crown molding artistically placed high on a wall and ceiling junction has a look that screams sophistication. If you're going to do it, you have [...]

Operation Kitchen Backsplash

Prep. Set. Cut. Grout and clean. If you're looking to breathe new life into that tired, old kitchen, that's all you need. By adding a kitchen backsplash, you're creating a unique focal point between your cabinetry and countertop, as well as raising the aesthetic value of one of the favorite rooms in any home. Every [...]

How to Estimate Roofing Jobs

To estimate roofing jobs, follow these steps to quickly and accurately calculate roofing materials, often without getting on the roof. Contractors often provide estimates and quotes that don’t result in actual work. The homeowner was either simply “doing research” or made decisions with a different quote. In the case of roofing jobs, this can amount to [...]

Knowing Your Way Around a Tile Saw

Manufacturing advancements in recent years have made tile products easier to maintain and more durable. By Peter Fabris Tile, always a popular choice for flooring and wall coverings in new homes and renovation projects, is growing in popularity. Manufacturing advancements in recent years have made tile products easier to maintain; provided better aesthetics and durability; and [...]
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