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Best tips for comparing cargo vans

Best tips for comparing cargo vans

5 tips for comparing cargo vans to help you find the right commercial vehicle for your business needs. And 5 new vans to compare.

Comparing cargo vans: RamIf a new commercial vehicle is in the cards for your company, automakers want you to give cargo vans a good, hard look. “If a contractor has had multiple trucks in a row, we hope they consider what a commercial van is capable of,” says Dave Sowers, head of commercial truck marketing for Ram Trucks.

Multiple roof height, wheelbase and door configurations let Pros choose the best van setup for their commercial needs. Automakers also recommend comparing cargo vans reliability, cost of ownership, fuel economy, potential maintenance and trailer licensing.

But the vehicle’s purpose is key. “A lot of construction companies are splitting their fleets,” says Joe Langhauser, GM’s product manager for full-size vans. “Construction supervisors may need a small cargo van with useful accessories, while larger, heavier loads may call for larger vehicles.”Comparing cargo vans: GM

With so much to consider when comparing cargo vans, here are five tips to use when weighing options for your next company vehicle. Plus, here are five new vans to compare.

Check this article here to read the tips and see the cargo vans.


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