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Using branded photos on your website

Contractor websites typically don’t get a ton of traffic so it’s important to maximize whatever traffic you do get.  You want to squeeze the most leads you can out of the few hundred visitors per month your site may receive from search engines and social media. If you are a construction or trades contractor, one sure-fire way that can improve the conversion rate is by using branded photos on your website.

Branded photos can immediately improve the look of your website,What is a branded photo?  Branded photos are photos of your work or current projects underway that contain your companies branding.  It could be a photo of one of your trucks with door decals sitting out front of a job site, it could be a photo of you or your crew working on a project wearing t-shirts with your company logo or your lettered trucks or job trailers in the background.  The idea behind branded photos is to tell your web visitors immediately that you are a legit company.  It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside that they are dealing with a legit company.

Using branded photos on your website can immediately improve the look of your website, making you look much more professional than the fly-by-nighters operating in your area.  Good branded photos will build trust instantaneously without ever having to convince your potential client that you’re a real professional contractor.  Adding a good selection of branded photos on your website tells them you are professional without a doubt!

Using branded photos on your website is a dirt simple way to make your construction website ooze professionalism, so you can squeeze out every last lead from the traffic you’re receiving.

Here are a few tips that will make sure you get the most out of your branded photos on the web.

Use Proper File Names

Digital cameras and smart phones are great at taking photos but horrible for optimizing them for the web.  A typical photo from your phone or camera will have a useless filename like “DCS34235” which doesn’t describe anything to search engines (and photos are an important part of your SEO strategy).  Try renaming your photos before you upload them to your Website, Facebook, Google My Business Page, or even Instagram.  A good filename describes what the photo is about.

Here are a few examples of great filenames for contractor photos:


Get the idea?

Add Proper ALT IMG Tags

Most website software will allow you to add ALT IMG tags to your photos.  These are important for SEO yet so many DIY’ers and even web developers (who are lazy or who don’t know any better) will leave these fields blank. Don’t leave these fields blank when using branded photos on your website.  This is another great opportunity to explain to search engines exactly what your photo is about.  This helps build relevancy.  Relevancy is GOOD!

Most website software will allow you to add ALT IMG tags to your photos

These strategies will work for landscapers, roofers, remodeler, gutter guys, lawn companies, painting companies, power washing companies, framers, home builders, and so many more construction trades.  If you’re sick of other contractors “borrowing” your photos then take branded photos, they are really hard to steal!

Carl Sorensen, founder and CEO of Sites4ContractorsCarl Sorensen is founder and CEO of Sites4Contractors, a web design and internet marketing firm for independent contractors. He can be reached at

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