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Smart solutions for common business problems

Smart solutions for construction business problems

An efficient way to increase revenue is to expand the scope of your jobs.

An efficient way to increase revenue is to expand the scope of your jobs. If you’re working inside a home, suggest relevant upgrades.

Managing a business is difficult – from winning new clients to balancing staff time. Every step you take to be more efficient and better serve clients is a victory.

Here are some smart solutions for construction business problems. These tips can help alleviate common construction business pain points and inch closer to your goals:

Win business with better referrals

Discovering new, qualified business leads is the hardest aspect of growing a small construction or remodeling business. Among the solutions for construction business problems, Pro Referral is a free program that can match you with potential clients and increase your online presence to win more jobs.

There are a few other services like this available, so sign up for different options to receive leads from multiple sources. Expose yourself to as many opportunities as possible, and you’ll be able to recognize the most credible sources pretty quickly.

Save time and money buying tools and materials

From replacing tools to buying construction materials for the next job, it’s not uncommon to see the same crew in the multiple times a day to pick up orders. For every moment you or a team member is away, you’re losing time and money. Implement ways to make this process faster and more efficient to dramatically improve productivity over time.

If your team spends too much time shopping for products, purchase everything online before they arrive to the store. Within two hours, the tools and materials are ready for pick up. The transaction can be done from a smartphone.

Among other solutions for construction business problems, approving every sale over the phone before your crew leaves the store is another opportunity to shave minutes off the trip. Take advantage of Text2Confirm, the convenient feature that allows you to quickly authorize purchases via text message. It’s available through Pro Xtra, The Home Depot’s free loyalty program, and saves an average of four minutes per transaction.

To cut out the trip to the store altogether, have the order delivered. Products from The Home Depot can be delivered directly to the construction jobsite in specific time parameters so you can receive the order at your convenience. After calculating the money you’re spending to send your team to the store a few times each day, you’ll see that delivery is well worth the fee.

Milwaukee's One-Key platform creates a central place to manage all tools and equipment

Milwaukee’s One-Key platform creates a central place to manage all tools and equipment across your network of jobs and users.

Track tools digitally

In the past, misplaced or stolen hand or power tools have been a common loss that some construction Pros factored into their business expenses. But with new technology, brands are taking steps to help manage inventory so you’re not constantly replacing tools.

Milwaukee’s One-Key technology, for example, is a cloud-based platform that enables you to wirelessly track tools using a smartphone or tablet.

The One-Key platform creates a central place to manage all tools and equipment across your network of jobs and users. It also stores the last known location of tools and can automatically locate compatible tools within 100 feet of your smartphone. If a tool is lost or stolen, you can report it as missing to receive a notification whenever it comes within range of any device with the One-Key app.

Make it easier to stay organized

Storing crumbled receipts in your truck or office probably isn’t the most efficient way to organize your finances. Paper receipts take more time and effort to manage, so skip the paper trail and use Pro Xtra.

Throughout the year, you’ll have easy access to data that helps you know when to replenish, follow up or return products. During tax season, you’ll have more time to relax or enjoy your family instead of stressing to account for all your expenses throughout the year.

Look for opportunities to upsell

An efficient way to increase revenue is to expand the scope of your jobs. When you know what to look for, you can point out opportunities to help your customers without seeming like a salesperson. Here are some common sense solutions for construction business problems,

If you’re fixing a roof, talk to your customer about the importance of adding attic insulation. If you’re working inside a home, keep an eye out for other areas that may need attention, such as doors and windows. Suggest relevant upgrades and highlight the benefits of the projects to continue to build a relationship with the customer.

Even if they decline now, you’ve laid the groundwork for more work or referrals in the future.

–By J.T. Rieves

J.T. Rieves, Vice President, Pro Business, has been with The Home Depot for 26 years. During that time he’s held many positions including hourly associate, store manager, district manager, regional vice president and two rotations in the corporate office. Rieves has spent time working in hardware and store operations. He is currently in his fourth year as Vice President, Pro Business.

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