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Finding the right keywords for contractors

Finding the right keywords for contractors

Are you trying to grow your contracting, construction, or remodeling business with effective digital marketing? Here is an online marketing tip to help you find the right keywords for your contractor business and better target the right visitors.

Without visitors your website is just a digital paper weight, doing nothing but sitting there collecting digital dust in some far off corner of the web.  In this day and age your contractor’s website should be one of your most reliable sources for new project leads.

In order to get your website generating leads for your contracting company you need to be drawing in search traffic that is the most likely to need your services.

The problem for most contractors is they just have no idea what right keywords to target (some don’t even know what a keyword is) and all search traffic isn’t created equal.  In fact some search traffic can be a downright waste of your time and marketing dollar to pursue.

What’s a keyword? 

A keyword is the search term or phrase someone might type into a search engine to find a website that solves their problem or provides the service they need.

This is why understanding the “intent” of a searcher is so important for a contractors success on the web and it can change the game considerably.

What is “intent” when it comes to search traffic?  Well,… It’s the intent behind a users search.  What does that searcher really want?  What is their primary reason for searching?

Someone who is searching in Google for “remodeling” is a very broad, generic searcher.  They could want to know a thousand different things about remodeling. Hence, it’s not necessarily a good keyword to target with your website, and especially with paid traffic.

In order to target searchers based on their intent, we need to be targeting “long-tail keywords” which are short phrases (not a single word) that someone might type into a search engine to find your services.

Unlock the market with long-tail keywords

Let’s add a couple more words to illustrate this point.

“Kitchen Remodeling”… Now we’ve narrowed our targeting down substantially to the kitchen but it’s still fairly generic because we don’t know exactly what they want to know about “Kitchen Remodeling.”  It could still be many things, such as ideas or photos. They may not be nowhere close to hiring a contractor.

How about “Kitchen Remodeling Company” or “Kitchen Remodeling Contractor”? Now we’re getting much closer to the money.  We know this person is looking for a “Kitchen Remodeling Company” or a “Contractor” and the chance of converting them into a good solid lead or even a customer is much higher.  Why? Because we know their “intent”!

How about “Kitchen Remodeling Estimate”? Or “Kitchen Remodeling Cost”?  Now we’re beginning to hit the nail on the head.  We know this person wants an estimate for Kitchen Remodeling or they are researching costs.

If you’re the contractor in your area that has an optimized landing page on your website dedicated to “Kitchen Remodeling” and you’ve sprinkled the right  keywords “Kitchen Remodeling Estimate” and “Kitchen Remodeling Cost” into your content you’re now starting to target your search traffic based on their “intent.”

Understanding searcher “intent” and how to target it effectively will absolutely increase qualified traffic and as a result, increase your lead flow.

If you want to crush it on the web with your construction or remodeling company, don’t overlook the importance of finding the right keywords by knowing the searcher intent and how to target the searchers  who are most likely to want your services.


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