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flooring trends

4 flooring trends that will blow your mind

Vinyl Flooring trendsNew innovations in flooring materials and application procedures offer Pros and their clients unlimited possibilities for a luxurious, affordable revitalization.

With the floor’s emergence as a haven for creativity, Pros must be aware of both the latest trends and the techniques necessary to bring them to life.

The following flooring considerations can affordably impress clients while simultaneously adding value to permanent, rental and resale properties.

Blur the lines

New design technologies blur the lines between flooring materials and offer greater flexibility to implement long-desired looks. Advancements in digital printing can produce tiles bearing a sharp, realistic wood or marble appearance. As a result, homeowners who covet but cannot afford a true natural wood floor can achieve similar ambience at a reduced cost.

Embossed in register laminate flooring (also known as synchronized laminate flooring in certain markets) is one option for Pros to achieve such a presentation. This alternative features a digitally designed laminate material that resembles the look, feel and texture of natural wood so accurately that both Pros and homeowners can follow the grain.

Love larger formats

When upgrading floors, more clients consider bigger to be better. Floor tiles have grown in recent years to accommodate sizes as large as 48×48 inches. Similarly, Pros have seen more demand for wider wood flooring planks that clients feel create a more open and inviting space.

While they produce a more eye-catching look, larger flooring materials are heavier and require careful planning to ensure seamless implementation. One obvious benefit is that larger formats mean fewer pieces, which should reduce install time. To meet these demands, high-end setting materials, such as the Custom Building Products Fusion all-in-one grout and seal solution, are essential to reduce labor and follow-up visits.

Take a second look at laminate

Much like its wood and tile counterparts, laminate flooring has made strides toward a more realistic appearance. Beyond cosmetic enhancements, modern laminates have become one of the sturdiest and most trusted flooring selections. These thick-designed materials can deter water and scratch damage and maintain a pristine look even in the most high-traffic home areas.

One such example is a new product from Pergo. This water-resistant Pergo Outlast+ laminate can withstand household spills for up to 24 hours. In turn, Pros now can consider laminate a viable flooring option for laundry rooms and other high-risk water areas.

Embrace vinyl’s resurgence

Modern design innovations additionally have revitalized vinyl flooring, elevating a material previously deemed outdated into one that is trendy and stylish. Unlike old-fashioned vinyl material that came in large, continuous sheets, the revamped vinyl is available in tile and strip formats that mirror contemporary textures ranging from ceramic to petrified wood.

The vinyl resurgence has largely been driven by its DIY-friendly implementation that requires minimal effort and displays little evidence of the transition. TrafficMaster vinyl, for instance, features a glue-free GripStrip on each plank that remodelers can peel off and lay. Home Decorators Collection vinyl plank flooring simplifies installation through a click-lock system. These quick and simple processes produce brilliant, walkable floors with less cost and complexity.

Furthermore, vinyl flooring offers both Pros and homeowners choices to define a floor’s final appearance. Tile-format vinyl can be installed either with grout for a clean traditional finish or without grout for warm and casual environment.

The exact parameters of any flooring renovation will vary depending on property dimensions and the client’s plans for the space. However, combining the latest trends with an open mind can elevate the floor to the top of a home’s value-driving components.

–By Mark Voykovic, Division Merchandise Manager, Flooring, The Home Depot

Mark has more than 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, including manufacturing and sales. He has held various jobs at the Home Depot during the last 10 years and currently serves as the Division Merchandise Manager in flooring.

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