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Top tools of finish carpenters

Top tools of finish carpenters

tools of finish carpentersLike most finish carpenters, Jesse Wright of Architectural Molding has a lot of tools. Many of his larger ones stay in his shop or truck until he needs them, but his small tools − hand tools mostly − live in a bag he brings to the jobsite every day. These are the top tools of finish carpenters.

Wright shared these 13 top tools of finish carpenters − tools he can’t live without, plus his go-to tool bag.

Vet Pro Pac bag

Wright keeps his everyday hand tools in a Veto Pro Pac bag. He likes it because it’s heavily constructed and has internal compartments that make it possible to stow each tool in a particular spot. He says the bag’s small size forces him to be better organized.

Tajima utility knife

Wright says he’s never liked standard utility knives because no company makes a really good sheath for fixed-blade models and the blades of retractable knives have too much play.

He prefers snap-blade knives, like the ones from Tajima. The blades have less play, they can be extended far out from the handle for cutting insulation and other thick material, and replacements stow where you can see them.

For a look at the rest of Wright’s top tools of finish carpenters, click here.

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