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The hottest new building and remodeling trends

The hottest new building and remodeling trends

The hottest new building and remodeling trends kitchen islandsCheck out the hottest new building and remodeling trends so you’ll be prepared when your clients ask what’s popular.

Kitchen trends

Talking about building and remodeling trends, check out the list of the top kitchen remodeling trends. Kitchen islands are expanding in size and becoming more multifunctional, boasting more prep space and adding cooktops. When installing a kitchen island be sure to include lots of outlets.

Installing a large island or adding granite to a preexisting counter adds lots of weight and can make the floor bouncy. Reinforce the floor joists to accommodate the extra pounds.

Ample storage is also important in kitchens, and open shelving is one of the hot new storage trends. Clients want often-used items close at hand and a large pantry for everything else.

luxury-shower-1Bathroom trends

When it comes to building and remodeling trends, here is the list of the top bathroom remodeling trends. Instead of whirlpool tubs, homeowners want roomy, luxurious showers. Some clients may prefer a beautiful free-standing tub, but the tub will be more of an art piece than a functional item.

If you don’t install a tub in the master bathroom, include a bathtub-shower somewhere else for children who are too young to shower and adults who prefer baths.

As baby boomers are aging, the demand for accessible bathroom design and products that keep users safer while showering and bathing is growing. Shower benches and grab bars are popular, and there are many new stylish products that add safety but don’t make the bathroom look and feel like a hospital room.

The hottest new building and remodeling trends exteriorsExteriors and outdoors

Low-maintenance exteriors − from decks to siding − continue to be a favorite of homeowners. Seamless transitions to the outside from inside the home are also in high demand, and many window and door makers now manufacture sliding-glass wall windows for every budget.

In the garage, some clients want docking stations for their electric cars and almost everyone wants more storage space.

The hottest new building and remodeling trends lightingTechnology and efficiency

Homeowners want technology that makes life easier, but they don’t want it to be complicated. Systems that control HVAC, lights, security and more via a Smartphone are gaining popular because they’re easy to use, and because they give people peace of mind when they’re away from home.

On remodeling projects always add electrical outlets, as many people use spaces other than an office to get work done.

A growing number of consumers want to save water and energy, but practicality surpasses sustainability because clients want returns on their investments. Nevertheless, Energy Star-rated appliances and windows, which are higher priced than standard models but that also save on energy bills, are preferred. High-efficient LED lighting is very popular.

Interest in residential solar is on the rise. Your clients may not want it right now, but pre-wiring their homes and additions for solar now will make panel installation simpler and easier in the future.

–By Katy Tomasulo with Rebecca Torchia

Katy Tomasulo has been writing about products and product trends for 15 years. Her Twitter feed, ktom17, was voted one of the best construction industry accounts by ConstructionDive in 2015.

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