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SharkBite push-to-connect plumbing products

SharkBite push-to-connect plumbing products

Five Pro Construction Guide Advisors came away from a field test strongly recommending SharkBite® push-to-connect plumbing products because they eliminate the need for soldering and all the logistical, cost, safety and training challenges it presents.

 Pro Construction Guide Advisors

Pro Construction Guide Field Testers

Fredy Calderón — North Plainfield, New Jersey

Isaac Gómez — Provo, Utah

Jesús Manzano — Grand Prairie, Texas

Phil Scordato — Loudon, New Hampshire

Stephen Simon — Durham, North Carolina

Five Pro Construction Guide Advisors came away from a field test strongly recommending SharkBite® push-to-connect plumbing products because they eliminate the need for soldering and all the logistical, cost, safety and training challenges it presents.

The advisors used SharkBite connectors, adapters, valves, clamps, PEX tubing and other accessories to complete a range of tasks in the first two weeks of August. Their projects ranged from swapping out leaky fittings and valves on a domestic boiler in New Hampshire to installing drinking fountains and water filters in offices in Utah and a shower stall in New Jersey. For more details on what challenges the plumbing projects presented and the role SharkBite products played in overcoming them, check out what the advisors had to say in our SharkBite Field Test video.

Four of the advisors had used SharkBite fittings previously but said they were unaware of the breadth of the brand’s solutions until participating in the field test. Go to www.sharkbite.com or check out their downloadable catalog to view the full line. That boosted their confidence in the brand.

Isaac Gómez knew from prior jobs that SharkBite connectors did not leak, but he took advantage of the field test to try the company’s PEX tubing. He liked that he could easily cut what he needed from a coil of PEX on site rather than having to travel back and forth to a store for specific lengths of rigid pipe.

“Now that I know they have more products and materials in their catalog, I can equip a project more easily and know with certainty the number of the parts I should use,” said Gómez. “I can recommend SharkBite push-to-connect plumbing products.”

Easier to use

“Almost anyone can use their products,” said Jesús Manzano, a Texas-based home maintenance contractor who used SharkBite products to repair a broken copper pipe. Manzano, who was the only advisor who had never used SharkBite products before the field test, is now encouraging all 20 of his employees to use them.

The benefits of SharkBite’s push-to-connect plumbing products became more evident to Stephen Simon when he had to run waterlines through a confined crawl space to install two refrigerators for a client.

“When working in tight spaces with limited visibility, I really appreciated the simple, secure way that the SharkBite products fit together,” said Simon, who had previously used SharkBite products to install water heaters, toilets and sinks. “They definitely made this project much easier to complete.”

Gómez said the field test convinced him that his company, which specializes in installing computer networks, security systems and other office technology, could begin offering some plumbing services.

“SharkBite can’t be compared to other products I’ve used,” said Gómez, who used SharkBite push-to-connect plumbing products to install water filters and relocate water lines during the field test. “I don’t need to buy any specialized tools and can buy what I do need from a single brand. This is a very successful range of products.”


The advisors appreciated how ease-of-use translated into speed.

“Time, for me, is the major challenge,” said Manzano. “I like to complete everything in record time so that I can earn more money, and with these products, I can.”

Phil Scordato appreciated how quickly SharkBite’s street female adaptors connected to SharkBite tees during an upgrade to a domestic boiler.

“They worked really fast and slick for the application,” said Scordato.

Scordato finds SharkBite particularly useful in difficult situations, such as when he does not have time to completely drain pipes or conditions make soldering hazardous.

“In situations where I’m in a pinch — that’s when SharkBite can really be part of the solution in saving time,” Scordato said. “For me, they especially shine as transitional fittings from copper to PEX in situations where it doesn’t make sense to solder PEX adaptors.”

Fredy Calderón, who used SharkBite fittings and PEX tubing to change out a shower stall in a client’s master bathroom, said SharkBite push-to-connect plumbing products are well worth the price.

“The primary benefit is being able to solve any kind of problem comfortably and in the least time possible,” said Calderón. “I would use them again and keep using them, as well as always recommend them, simply because they are unique.”

Easier training

Advisors said the ease-of-use also addresses another big challenge they face: training.

Simon said he is confident that with a few hours of training on SharkBite products, a friend who has helped him on a few jobs could be trusted to do some repairs and installations.

“I’d never trust him to solder copper,” he said. “I’ve seen so many bad copper joints.”

Pros and cons of push-to-connect plumbing products

Gómez said SharkBite has quelled his initial skepticism of push-to-connect technology.

“I had my doubts about it since I was used to using clamps and adhesives, threading materials and securing connections with tapes,” Gómez said. “It was difficult for me to accept that if they were easy to install, they would not leak. Now I use them with the speed that their design allows with zero leaks.”

Scordato said he still prefers using copper pipe over PEX when time allows, due in part to the difficulty of straightening PEX tubing, which is often sold in coils. Still, he now finds himself weighing the advantages of soldering versus push-to-connect more frequently.

In some applications, he noted, there is the need for extra support, which adds to the cost and offsets any time savings accomplished by using push-to-connect fittings and PEX. On the flipside, working with SharkBite fittings and PEX makes it easier to swing piping out of the way while fitting other sections, taking measurements or doing other work.

“It’s all a tradeoff and really dependent on the situation and the application,” Scordato concluded.

Simon said some plumbers have shunned PEX because you have to scrap it if it kinks, which can happen when it is bent too far or when fittings are overtightened. Simon avoids these problems by buying straight sections of PEX when he can and using SharkBite fittings exclusively.

“I like that they click when you’ve tightened them enough, so you don’t break the PEX,” he said. “They’ve really done a great job of reinventing everything.”

Besides, Simon notes, throwing away the occasional piece of PEX is much less expensive than having copper pipes stolen from a job site or even ripped from the walls of an unfinished home. He also likes that PEX is less likely to rupture during a freeze.

Even in relatively balmy Durham, North Carolina, Simon estimates nine out of 10 forward-thinking plumbers have switched to PEX in new construction installs.

“Compared to traditional copper or thread-on fittings, SharkBite push-to-connect plumbing products allow me to quickly, confidently and securely patch, repair or replace any plumbing system without worrying about leaks or corrosion down the road,” said Simon. “I do believe my generation and the next one coming up are going to transition to push-to-connect.”

Calderón’s only complaint was that SharkBite fittings are so difficult to remove. He concedes, however, that that is probably a good thing.

“It requires tremendous effort, although I suppose this is to be expected given their function.”

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