Ryobi Drywall Repair Kit - Pro Construction Guide
Ryobi drywall repair kit

Ryobi Drywall Repair Kit

Ryobi drywall repair kit
With Ryobi Drywall Repair Kit, you can Patch drywall holes in three easy steps.

The 4-inch Ryobi Drywall Repair Kit makes it possible to patch drywall in half the time.

Step 1

Cover the hole with the template, pressing the adhesive firmly to the drywall.

Ryobi drywall repair kit 3Step 2

Using your drill, drill the hole saw into the drywall, using the template as a guide.

Drill until the hole saw is flush to the wall. The hole saw stays in the drywall.

Step 3

Spackle over the hole saw. Then you’re ready to sand and paint. Kit includes drive plate, template, hole saw, cover plate and mandrel with black oxide pilot drill bit.

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