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RIDGID 10″ Compact Table Saw Model R45171

RIDGID has apparently hit the target with its new 10” compact table saw model R45171, according to six Pro Construction Guide advisors selected to test it on jobsites nationwide for three weeks in January.

Pro Construction Guide Field Testers

Curtis Cox – Lakeside, CA
Robert Flores – Silver Spring, MD
Juan Manuel Ortiz – Orlando, FL
Chris Penn – Lebanon, Ohio
Alfredo Sosa – South Hempstead, NY
Steve Surynt – Erial, NJ

The RIDGID compact table saw model R45171, which was launched in late 2017, is equipped with a soft start motor and 26 inches of right rip capacity, compared to the RIDGID Model #R4516 it replaced, which came without soft-start and 24 inches or right rip capacity.

The two additional features were praised by all six testers, indicating RIDGID has found a sweet spot in the market.

In Lakeside, Calif., Curtis Cox of Standard Drywall Inc. appreciated that the soft-start prevented circuits from popping when he ran the table saw off an extension cord, while Robert Flores of Silver Spring, Md. liked that the saw did not startle homeowners when turned on.

Steve Surynt, who used the table saw to rip 12-foot 2X4 and 2X6 boards for an addition in New Jersey, said the smart start motor operated smoothly.

“I’ve worked with those before and when you put that switch on they come on full power and there is little kick to it,” said Surynt. “This is very stable. The table doesn’t move around. And it’s very sturdy on the stand.”

Testers unanimously praised the saw’s 26-inch rip capacity, which is six inches more than what many competing brands offer at the same price point.

“It puts this compact table saw model R45171 on the same level as a full table saw,” said Flores. “So, it’s the best of both worlds. Small and light, but able to rip a decent size of wood. As a general contractor it lets me complete over 90 percent of my tasks.”

Two testers noted that the compact table saw model R45171 performed particularly well ripping full sheets of 3/4-inch plywood.

“The rip capacity was nice on some of the 4×8 sheeting we had to rip down to 24 inches,” said Cox. “One man could handle the rip.”

Combining these features with RIDGID’s Lifetime Service Agreement make the saw a compelling value for Pros looking for performance, portability, durability and low cost of ownership, testers agreed. RIDGID’s LSA covers all defects and many wear parts in properly maintained power and pneumatic tools for the life of the purchaser if they register the tool online within 90 days of purchase.

“That’s the icing on the cake,” said Cox.

The most common criticism revolved around RIDGID’s decision not to equip of the newer compact table saw with wheels. RIDGID offers a 15 amp, 10-inch Heavy Duty Portable Table Saw with wheels at a substantially higher price point.

While testers said the table saw’s light weight and detachable base make it easy to carry and store, two said it could be easier to attach and detach the base from the table saw. Penn said simply swapping out a few hex nuts for wing nuts might remedy the issue.

Even without wheels, Alfredo Sosa of South Hempstead, NY., said the compact table saw seems well worth the price, given the quality of materials RIDGID used to build it and how well it cut plywood, 2X4s, 1X4s and StarRFoam insulation during an exterior remodeling job.

Chris Penn of Lebanon, Ohio-based Cincinnati Home Improvement called the latest RIDGID compact table saw model R45171 a “great value.”

“The unit is built well and will make a contractor a lot of money,” said Penn, who used the compact table saw model R45171 to cut trim for kitchen cabinets.

Cox agreed.

“You get the saw, the stand and a lifetime service contract,” Cox said. “We will buy more of this saw for my shop.”

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