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Rewarding customer loyalty every day with Pro Xtra

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Use eReceipts to keep all of your Home Depot receipts organized in your online account to view, track or print.

Pro Xtra, The Home Depot’s loyalty program is designed to help the company’s Pro customers save time and money, as well as give them important business tools to help them better manage and grow their businesses. Recently we had an opportunity to learn more about this innovative program for Pros from J.T. Rieves, Vice President, Pro Business.

We know The Home Depot is dedicated to its Pro customers. Why is the Pro customer so important to The Home Depot?

RIEVES – Of course, every customer is important, but our Pro customers spend a lot more time and money in our stores each year. They make up 3 percent of our customers but account for approximately 35 percent of our business – which explains our dedication to them and the programs we have that are custom tailored for Pros.

In a way, our approach to Pros is similar to the way gambling casinos operate. Every person on the casino floor is valued, but “high rollers” are treated differently. Casinos often have special programs and packages for guests who spend more time and money. In that respect, it’s exactly the same way we look at our Pros. In the last few years, we’ve spent a lot of time creating environments in the store and online that truly cater to the needs of Pros and help them do their jobs better.

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Pro Loaders are available to help get your purchase into the truck and get you back to the jobsite faster.

Who is The Home Depot’s Pro customer?

RIEVES – We service Pros at every level – from the handyman working alone to big corporations, and everything in between. Each level has unique needs. On the one hand, single-person operations, painters and general contractors, spend lots of time and money with us on a regular basis often in one store or a small cluster of stores. We cater to those individuals and create an environment that makes them feel special. On the other hand, our bigger multi-million dollar customers have different expectations. They shop a huge number of stores and purchase in much larger quantities.

In the last four years, we’ve focused on creating an adaptable service model that enables us to customize our approach and offerings for each type of Pro, and continue adjusting to give every Pro the level of service they need.

As part of its commitment to the Pro customer, The Home Depot developed the Pro Xtra loyalty program with valuable services, such as purchase tracking, exclusive offers and business tools. Where did the idea for the program originate?

RIEVES – It’s all about rewarding loyalty. As long as I can remember, I’ve had conversations with our Pro customers about loyalty. They know how valuable they are to our business and want us to cater to their specific needs. Many of them feel as if they should be treated differently than our regular customers, and we agree.

There are many examples of companies that reward customer loyalty. I travel quite a bit, so it’s no surprise that one of my personal favorites is the airline industry. When I fly, they recognize me, thank me and treat me differently. They treat me like I’m a big deal because I stay loyal to them when I fly.

Relationships are the basis of our Pro business. We are constantly looking for ways to make Pros feel special and to continue solving their needs so they turn right into The Home Depot parking lot instead of left into someone else’s.

We’ve shifted from a transactional, convenience store mentality into a personalized experience for every Pro customer. We continue to add components to loyalty programs such as Pro Xtra to inspire pros to keep choosing us over other options day in and day out, and we hear nothing but good things from our Pro customers.

What are the key components of the Pro Xtra program and how does the Pro benefit from them?

RIEVES – Pro Xtra gives Pros exclusive business tools and offers to help them get the job done faster, more efficiently and for less. The program gives access to a variety of benefits, including free online purchase tracking, access to exclusive offers including Pro Xtra Paint Rewards, and business tools, as well as a first look at innovative tools and products.

Painters are extremely important to us and now in addition to receiving exclusive offers, they’ll get the competitive advantage with savings on paint and paint supplies through Pro Xtra Paint Rewards. They are eligible to receive up to 20 percent off paints, stains and primers, direct-to-jobsite shipping, free factory tinting for color matching, plus much more.

Another component that has grown in popularity since the Pro Xtra program launched is low-priced background checks through Infomart, which provides background checks for $5 instead of $20.

JT Rieves

J.T. Rieves

I was talking to one of our Pros the other day, and he was telling me how difficult it is to find trustworthy labor. He is constantly interviewing and trying to hire. Labor is one of the biggest challenges for many pros, and we wanted to help in the process. If a Pro is conducting 20 background checks a week to try and staff up, this service will save them $15 on each check. That money adds up quickly, freeing up resources for materials and labor.

Most recently, we’ve added merchant discounts allowing our Pro Customers to save on cellular service plans, identity theft protection, and even at local restaurants.

J.T. Rieves, Vice President, Pro Business, has been with The Home Depot for 25 years. In that time he has held many positions at just about every level of the company, including hourly associate, store manager, district manager, regional vice president and two rotations in the corporate office. Rieves has spent time working in hardware and store operations. He is currently in his fourth year as Vice President, Pro Business.

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Pros receive personalized, knowledgeable help.


Help managing your business

Pro Xtra gives Pros exclusive business tools and offers to get the job done faster, more efficiently and for less. As a member of Pro Xtra, you can take advantage of any or all of the valuable services provided by the program, including:

Purchase tracking – No more wasting time searching for receipts. Juggle multiple projects while keeping your eye on the bottom line with time-saving features:

  • Track past purchases
  • Manage up to two years of receipts
  • Log and assign names to your purchases
  • Export information seamlessly to your accounting software.

And because your job is usually done away from a desk, these purchase tracking tools are available anytime and anywhere with The Home Depot Pro App.

Exclusive offers – Get the competitive edge to win more jobs and build your business with members-only offers:

  • Up to 20 percent off paints, stains and primers with Pro Xtra Paint Rewards
  • Online-only offers just for Pros emailed right to your inbox
  • In-store savings on products you use most.

Business tools – Whether you’re on site, in the truck or at the office, you can manage your business from anywhere with the help of these business tools:

  • Get more done while you’re on the go with The Home Depot Pro App – you can check store inventories without leaving the jobsite, find exact in-store aisles of the product you need, place orders, access receipts. and more, all from your mobile phone
  • Use professional online templates to quickly generate bids and material lists with The Home Depot Estimator
  • Through Pro Xtra, you’ll get an exclusive discount on EagleView Aerial Measurement – a system that lets you create 3D roof and exterior building measurements without a trip to the jobsite. A report is delivered to you within 48 hours via email
  • Get your crew in, out and back on the job with no in-store phone approvals using Pro Xtra reloadable cards
  • Find affordable equipment at more than 1,000 in-store Tool and Truck Rental Centers
  • Visit the Pro Desk to find knowledgeable experts ready to help with custom-built orders, financing options, discounts, rewards and more.

For more information or to sign up for The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra loyalty program, visit the Pro Desk at your Home Depot or

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