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New Quikrete Q-Max Pro concrete mix

Quikrete Q-Max Pro concrete mixQuikrete Q-Max Pro concrete mix is the first and only concrete mix that delivers one-hour working time, three-hour walk-on time and 6,500-psi compressive strength plus crack, freeze-thaw and corrosion resistance.

With Quikrete Q-Max Pro, contractors can complete projects quickly while meeting the necessary structural construction and/or repair requirements.

“Unlike other more-expensive fast-setting concrete mixes that compromise working time for rapid strength gains, Q-Max Pro concrete mix provides the perfect balance of both along with several other important structural attributes that make it the most dynamic and versatile concrete mix available,” says Frank Owens, vice president marketing for Quikrete.

Quikrete Q-Max Pro is ideal for horizontal concrete applications, such as slabs, parking garages, bridge decks, roads, balconies, steps, floors, ramps, sidewalks and patios.

Q-Max Pro has alkali-resistant fiberglass fibers provide crack resistance, an air-entraining admixture for a superior finish, easy workability and freeze-thaw durability, and an integral corrosion inhibitor. Applied at a minimum thickness of 2 inches, it reaches 1,000 psi in three hours, 3,000 psi in 24 hours and 6,500 psi in 28 days.

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