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Instalación de un enchufe eléctrico desplegable

Installing a pop up electrical outlet

Installing a pop up electrical outlet

Pop up electrical outlets allow homeowners to access electrical outlets in kitchen when they need them, but retract into the countertop when not in use. They are available in a variety of configurations from single electrical outlets to multi-outlet with data/USB ports.

Kitchen electrical outlets are a must, and a new product that is gaining in popularity is the pop up electrical outlet that installs in a countertop. A pop up electrical outlet hides below the countertop surface where it’s mounted and is only visible when it’s in use. It might have one, two or three electrical outlets, which can all be used at the same time if wired properly. A pop up electrical outlet designed for use in kitchens or bathrooms features a rubber seal around the top to keep spills and other debris out of the sockets.

Installing a pop up electrical outlet in a countertop is easy

Step 1

Before installing a pop up electrical outlet, select an appropriate location. The pop up electrical outlet should be located where is can be accessed easily and positioned near an appropriate socket outlet where you can plug in the power cord. Ensure there is enough room under the surface so the unit will not interfere with anything when in the retracted (down) position.

Do not position the unit near water taps, where it might be difficult to access, or where the power cable can become trapped. Most units require surfaces to be at least 1/8-inch thick, but no more than 2 inches thick.

Instalación de un enchufe eléctrico desplegable

A rubber gasket forms a water-tight seal to the electrical components beneath the countertop whether the unit is open or closed.

Step 2

Cut a circular opening in the countertop with a minimum diameter matching the manufacturer’s recommendations – usually about 3¼ inches. Allow at least 2 inches of clearance between the unit and the edge of the surface where it will be mounted.

Step 3

Most units come with threaded mounting rings and collars for fast installation. Remove the locking ring and rubber washer and then lower the unit into the hole until the mounting collar lip is flush with the surface all the way around for a watertight seal. Position the electrical outlets so they face the desired direction.

Thread the power cord through the locking ring and rubber washer (with the washer placed on top of the locking ring) and then thread the locking ring/washer assembly up the body of the unit and screw it in place.

Make sure the pop up electrical outlet faces the desired direction and screw the locking ring tight until the rubber washers on both sides of the mounting surface are compressed evenly and tightly. Connect the cable to the power supply, turn on the master switch and it’s good to go.

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