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The Home Depot Pro Desk offers Personalized Service

The Home Depot Pro Desk offers Personalized Service

Home Depot Sales Associates

The Home Depot Pro Desk Sales Associates know the products and materials you need to do the job, as well as which services will be most beneficial to your particular operation.

The Home Depot knows where you shop affects your bottom line, which is why they put professionals first. As a Pro, you have needs that set you apart. To make the most of your workday, you need a store where you can get in, get out, and get back to the job quickly. You want to know the products you need are in stock and priced competitively for volume purchases.  And you want a dedicated team of knowledgeable, helpful sales associates who know your business. The Home Depot Pro Desk is committed to fulfilling those needs.

At The Home Depot, you’ll find safe, convenient Pro parking to save you time (not available in all areas). Pro parking is clearly marked and it’s located to provide you fast, easy access.

To take advantage of advanced order pulling, call your order in at least two hours before you want to pick it up. Your Pro team will have everything you ordered ready to go when you walk in the door.

If you weren’t able to call ahead, a Home Depot Pro Desk Associate will work with you one-on-one to help you find what you need and get you back to the jobsite as quickly as possible.

“It’s a huge help having someone that knows what we use on our jobs and how we work,” says Sal Franco of Franco Restoration in San Diego, Calif. “The Home Depot we use is in Imperial Beach, Calif., (near San Diego). My Pro Account Sales Associate is Cathlee Ramirez and she definitely knows my business. She always knows exactly what I’m talking about when I need something.

The Home Depot has dedicated Pro Power Hours during the first half of each weekday, when Pros shop most. During these hours, Home Depot Pro Desk Sales Associates are available in front of the Pro Desk to help you.

“Our Pros like having someone out front that seeks them out and knows them by name,” says Mario Munoz, Pro Account Sales Associate at The Home Depot in Imperial Beach. “We have Pros that come here just because they like the relationships they have with the Associates.”

“We do complete home remodels,” says Franco, “and my Pro Desk Associate actually comes to the job and walks through it with us so she knows everything we’ll need. Then she makes a spreadsheet with those items on it and we order using that. Getting the tools and supplies we need goes twice as fast.”

When you’re ready to check out, dedicated Pro Cashiers will be on hand to process your order quickly. If you need help getting the order into your vehicle, a dedicated Pro Loader will be there to assist you.

“The Pro Cashiers and Loaders are great,” says Franco. “I’m in here a lot and I can’t afford to be away from the job long. They get me in and out fast. If I come in and grab a cart, a Loader will be right there asking to help me.”

“Our Home Depot Pro Desk always has someone available who can speak Spanish,” he says. “My workers often have to come into The Home Depot to pick up one thing or another, and although they do speak English, they might not know exactly what a product is called in English. Having someone there that speaks Spanish and knows the products is a huge advantage.”

“We’ve been coming to The Home Depot for eight years and 95 percent of what we purchase we get here,” says Franco. “Even our cleaning crews get all their cleaning stuff here. We could buy some things elsewhere, but because of the relationships we have with the Pro Associates, all the things they do to help us and get us in and out fast, and the volume discounts, it just makes sense to get it all here.”

Long-time Home Depot employee, Terry Bastien, says, “Today, our Home Depot Pro Desk Services are the best I’ve seen in my 26 years with The Home Depot. We truly are providing our Pro customers with service that’s both personal and personalized.”

Bastien, a Pro Operations Supervisor at a Florida Home Depot, says, “By taking our Pro Account Sales Associates away from the desk to work one-on-one with Pro customers, they become more informed about the customers’ needs, budget, and timeline. They can make suggestions on better or more budget-friendly products. They can even serve as an extra set of hands if customers are pressed for time, helping them from the minute they walk in the door to the minute they leave the lot.”

—By Rosalyn Seibert and Pam Gruebnau

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