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For tough jobsite cleanup

For tough jobsite cleanup

Jobsite Gargantuan Giant Debris CollectorFor tough jobsite cleanup get the Quickie Jobsite multi-surface push broom.

The soft outer fibers and stiff inner fibers of the Quickie Jobsite 24-inch multi-surface push broom handle jobsite debris, sand, mulch, drywall and more.

Built for tough jobsite cleanup, this push broom has soft outer fibers combined with stiff inner fibers to sweep a wide range of debris effectively. The broom also features a built-in scraper for sticky debris and a steel brace system to help you power through the task.

Designed to last, the broom has a 24-inch heavy-duty resin block that won’t warp, rot or crack under normal usage

Quickie Gargantuan dust pan

To handle all that accumulated debris, sweep it into the high-capacity Quickie Gargantuan dust pan. The dust pan’s 25-inch width makes it easy to sweep debris directly into the pan.

You won’t need an additional broom or an extra hand. Designed with sturdy ribbed construction to handle tough jobsite cleaning, the Gargantuan easily accepts 18- and 24-inch push brooms and will hold up to 40 pounds of debris.

Non-skid feet on the underside help keep it in place while you sweep the debris into the pan. Use the lateral grips for lifting heavier loads with two hands or use the center grip for lighter loads.


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