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Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight

Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight

Brightness, adjustability and a memory recall feature stood out as the most impressive features of the Energizer® Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight after two weeks of testing on job sites, according to Pro Construction Guide Advisors in three states.

Pro Construction Guide Field Testers

Jeffrey Hair — Amherst, New York
Michael Clark — Ann Arbor, Michigan
Patrick Zellner — Maple Valley, Washington

In October, the three Advisors used the headlight to work on industrial cleaning equipment in New York, renovate homes in Michigan and work in a tight crawl space in Washington.

Capable of projecting an up to 315-lumen beam up to 85 meters in White-High mode, the Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED headlight is the only headlight from Energizer that offers digital focus and memory recall. A user can toggle between three pre-set intensity levels — Red, White-High and White-Low — using the button on the right of the lamp. The user can then hold down the button to the left to seamlessly transition from spot light to flood light using  digital focus technology. The same button controls memory recall, which allows the user to immediately return to the focus setting he or she last used before turning off the headlight. This eliminates the hassle and delay of having to refocus from scratch.

The direction of the light beam can be adjusted a full 90° from straight ahead to straight down

The direction of the beam can be adjusted a full 90° from straight ahead to straight down thanks to a five-position pivoting head. The headlight can operate up to six hours in White-High mode (315 lumens), up to 12 hours in Spot-High mode (180 lumens) and up 20 hours in Flood-High mode (100 lumens) on three AAA batteries. The lamp is both impact resistance (sustains 1 meter drop test) and water resistant.

All three Advisors said they would continue using the Energizer Focus LED Headlight and recommend it to friends and coworkers.

“315 lumens of output are great,” said Jeffrey Hair, who services cleaning and sterilization equipment at pharmaceutical plants and other industrial sites. “I’m sold on this product.”

“Being able to adjust light brightness is awesome,” noted Patrick Zellner, who used the headlamp while restoring his pickup truck, repairing a generator in a mobile home and working under his home. “I will recommend it to friends and coworkers because of the new versatile light mode and the option to return to the last mode.”

To see and hear Advisors talk about the headlight and how it performed, watch our Energizer LED Headlight video.

Quality of light

Hair, who often finds himself working on wiring in tight, dark spaces, was particularly impressed that the lamp enabled him to distinguish between differently colored wires.

“Today I was inside an electrical panel hunting down some wiring connections, and the headlamp made it easy to see and identify wire numbers and colors,” he noted in his video testimonial. “There were 1,700 different colors with stripes and wire numbers, and this really does the trick. I don’t see how I’m going to live without it.”

Light adjustability and recall

Zellner appreciated the focus and memory features most.

“The different modes of brightness are incredible,” he said. “I love the aspect of being able to dim or brighten the light as needed and then return to the last mode without having to click through all the modes. Really handy — very smart.”

Versatility of the Focus LED Headlight

Zellner said the combination of the band and pivot results in a very versatile light that he can wear on a baseball cap, on his head and even around his neck.

“There are a lot of strange positions you have to get in when working in a tight crawl space, and I often put it underneath my chin and around my neck. I was able to uplight from below my eyes rather than from above. I found that pretty helpful.”

Michael Clark, a remodeler who spends a lot of time in attics and crawl spaces, said the Energizer Vision HD+ Focus provided the best light of any LED headlight he’s used. He liked the size and strength of the floodlight and how he could pivot the lamp when working in cramped spaces.

“I used it when changing a kitchen faucet, and the tilt feature put the light where I needed it,” said Clark, who said he has bought several of the lamps for his employees.

The Advisors said the light is ideal for auto repair, as well as nighttime activities such as fishing, camping, hunting, running or walking the dogs. Zellner, who has overseen disaster recovery efforts as the head of a municipal road crew, recommended it as an essential tool for first responders.

Hands-free lighting was a revelation to Hair, who had previously relied on a flashlight.

“This frees up my hands to hold tools, meters, probes — whatever I need to get the job done,” he said. “The fact that my hands are free and the light focuses on the work is just plain great.”


The Advisors described the durability of the Focus LED Headlight as “more than adequate,” “very sturdy” and “very tough.”

“The areas I work in are pretty harsh environments,” said Hair. “It’s hot, and I have steam lines, water lines, electrical lines and vacuum pumps coming on and off. It’s so nice to have these babies ready to use.”

“It holds up to constant use and abuse,” said Clark. “Overall, I give it a very high rating.”

Suggestion box

The Advisors had two suggestions for improving the Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight.

  • Zellner suggested inserting a magnet in the base or back of the lamp and making it easier to remove from the band. This would enable a user to mount it on a metallic surface during certain applications.
  • Hair suggested raising the profile of the buttons to make them easier to feel.

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