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Energizer Impresses Pros With New 1300-Lumen Flashlight

Six of six Pro Construction Guide Advisors who tested a powerful new flashlight from Energizer® said they would recommend it to fellow pros for its brightness, compact and rugged design and ability to reproduce natural lighting.

Pro Construction Guide Field Testers
Kris Catlett – Walla Walla, Washington
Tyler Coleman – Orlando, Florida
Jack Edgar – Chicago, Illinois
Jesse Green– Deerfield Beach, Florida
Shawn Mecklenburg – Olympia, Washington
Michael Monzo – Poway, California

The advisors used the Energizer 1300 Lumen Performance Metal Light (Model # EPMZH61EH) to complete a range of tasks in August ranging from finding A/C leaks between floor joists in Florida to fixing bathroom faucets in Chicago and custom mixing stains for kitchen cabinets in California.

Thanks to the latest generation of LED technology, the 3-mode flashlight can project up to 1300 lumens of brightness up to 230 meters in its high mode. Users can switch to low mode with one click of the flashlight’s on/off button and switch to strobe mode with a third click.

Energizer’s Digital Focus Technology allows users to broaden the beam gradually from spot to flood light by pressing and holding the button. Using Energizer’s MAXVIZ™ technology, the flashlight is able to replicate daylight for crisp vision in any mode. The flashlight can run for up to 19 hours on low mode, which is ideal for close-up work, and 4 hours in high or bright mode. The flashlight is housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum body with IPX4 water resistant construction, which means it is designed to resist splashes from any direction. It is powered by 6 Energizer MAX AA batteries.

For more details on how they tested the product, check out what our Advisors had to say in our Energizer 1300 Lumen Performance Metal Light (Model # EPMZH61EH) Field Test video above.

Topline impressions

Advisors were most impressed with the flashlight’s brightness, adjustability and compact design.

“This is a great flashlight,” said Kris Catlett, a residential remodeler in Walla Walla, Washington. “I really like that I have 1300 lumens of light in my hand, but that’s not all. I can knock that down a notch when I’m looking right up close into a corner and it’s not going to blind me with that huge 1300 lumens of light. So it’s versatile.”

“This has become my favorite flashlight,” proclaimed Tyler Coleman, an Orlando, Florida-based electrician. “My favorite [feature] is spotlight mode for when something is out of reach and you don’t want to get a ladder. I want to buy some of these for my guys as gifts. Everyone on the site loved it!”


The advisors said the 1300-lumen bright mode provided “plenty of,” “very ample,” “more than enough” or “ultra-bright” light during work in attics, crawlspaces, cabinets and other dark spaces.

“We encountered squeaky floors during a flooring installation, which would not remedy with screwing from above,” recounted Shawn Mecklenburg, a general contractor based in Olympia, Washington. “This required entering a crawl space with the flashlight to shim the squeaks at floor joist locations. The flashlight provided excellent lighting without need for headlamp or corded work lighting.”

Tyler, who specializes in residential and multifamily remodeling, noted that the flashlight lit up rooms better than the temporary lights his crew often uses.

Jack Edgar, who buys and renovates homes and apartments in Chicago, plans to use the flashlight when inspecting potential investment properties.

“[Whether] looking at projects or buying a vacant property, it gives a lot of visual details, so we are able to bid out projects better.” 

Easy mode and focus adjustments

All six advisors remarked on how easy it was to adjust brightness and focus for the job at hand by pressing the button to switch between modes or pressing and holding it down to transition from spot to flood light.

“1300 lumens can be too much light when working up close, especially if there is a bright surface like a door or cabinet,” noted Catlett. “I found myself squinting, so I turned it down a notch.”

“The press and hold to adjust brightness and function feature is particularly impressive,” agreed Mecklenburg. 

Great ergonomics and durability

Four praised the flashlights sturdy construction, while three remarked on how well it fit their hand and two praised the appearance of its aluminum finish.

“The flashlight is very comfortable to handle and has adequate grip,” said Mecklenburg, who dropped the flashlight on a concrete floor several times to test its durability. “The aircraft grade aluminum body is extremely durable and sturdy and stands up well to impacts and drops.”

“It’s beyond sturdy and has the right weight and balance,” agreed Coleman.

“The aluminum body is heavy-duty, but not bulky and not heavy,” observed Catlett. “It fits right in my pocket. Such a nice finish.”

MAXVIZ delivers daylight

Three advisors confirmed the MAXVIZ feature improved visibility and eased eye strain by faithfully mimicking daylight.

Poway, California-based cabinet refinisher Michael Monzo said it provided better light than either halogen stationary lighting or headlamps when it came to showing customers that his custom-mixed stain would match the exterior of kitchen cabinets.

“It is impressive for stubborn customers concerned about matching of stains,” said Monzo.

In Florida, general contractor Jesse Green said the MAXVIZ technology enabled him to quickly relocate leaks he’d previously spotted in a roof and an A/C pipe located between a floor and ceiling.

“When you are searching for small leaks or issues, the natural daylight makes it much easier to see, as opposed to the yellow soft lights I’ve used in the past,” Green said. “I used the flashlight in attics and in ceilings between floor joists and the light was perfect.” 


All the advisors said they had used or plan to use the flashlight outside work for camping, hiking, walking dogs and during blackouts.

“Living in South Florida we always keep multiple flashlights around for hurricane season and I am very pleased to have a flashlight with so many lumens to help out at home if we lose power,” said Green.

Mecklenburg, whose crews previously relied on 400-lumen headlamps, plans to buy a second Energizer 1300 Lumen Performance Metal Light for emergency use in his primary vehicle and working on his off-the-grid hunting cabin. Edgar said he plans to continue using it on late-night walks with his dog for both illumination and personal security.

“It gave me peace of mind two-fold,” he said, noting that it appears hefty enough to deter any would-be assailants.

Suggestions for improvement

Advisors suggested the following improvements.

  • Add a stand or flatten and expand the base of the flashlight so that it can be used hands-free as a stationary light.
  • Broaden the bevels on the collar to prevent rolling when the flashlight is laid down for hands-free use.
  • Add a clip or lanyard to make it easier to store in crowded tool belts.

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