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FlexVolt batteries revs up 20v tools

DeWalt FlexVolt batteries revs up 20v tools

A recent test by RealToolReviews.com found that the new DeWalt FlexVolt batteries, which power the company’s new 60v power tools, not only extended the run times of three of the company’s 20V tools, but increased their torque as well.

RPMs increased notably on the brushless impact wrench, miter saw and hammer drill tested, delivering higher speeds that translated to more power.

“Bigger batteries = More Power!,” RealToolReviews wrote. “Since the larger battery packs are cross-compatible with all of the 20v tools, if you want to use your tools at their max potential — get bigger batteries.”

Still, FlexVolt battery packs may not be worth their weight when it comes to light jobs, according to the review.

To see the full review and find out if size matters when it comes to battery pack go to the Real Tool Reviews website: http://www.realtoolreviews.com/does-size-matter-dewalt-flexvolt/.

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