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Contractor survey predicts residential construction trends

Contractor survey predicts residential construction trends

Aging in place, high-end finishes, higher-quality products and modern designs with open floor plans remain the strongest residential construction trends, according to contractors surveyed by the online marketing platform GuildQuality.

The three trends were also identified as the top three residential construction trends by GuildQuality members in the second quarter. The company sends its Market Prediction Survey to its more than 2,500 members every quarter to gauge conditions in the residential construction industry. GuildQuality earns its money by helping home builders, remodelers and other residential building contractors boost their marketing through customer surveys, an online directory and other marketing tools and channels.

“Homeowners are willing to invest more in their homes, which means choosing high-end finishes and contemporary designs,” GuildQuality said, quoting one of its members.

Waning Residential ConstructionTrends

In addition to emerging trends, GuildQuality asked respondents which trends they saw less of in the last quarter. According to their answers, here are the residential construction trends GuildQuality believes are on the way out:

  1. Black or dark countertops
  2. Wallpaper
  3. Cheap, temporary fixes/upgrades

“Five years ago, just about everybody wanted black granite countertops and white cupboards,” said one respondent. “That look is now long gone.”

Strategic priorities

Many respondents said they increased their focus on improving employee training during the quarter in a bid to fill higher positions from within because finding new, qualified labor is so difficult.

Other near-term strategies included:

    • Focusing on lead generation
    • Actively searching for qualified labor
    • Strengthening online presence

Regarding the long term, many respondents reported investing more in marketing and social media initiatives, including using more advertising, improving their contractor’s websites and enlarging their social media presence.

Other long-term strategies included:

  • Improving communication internally and externally
  • Providing better customer service
  • Increasing hiring initiatives 

Read the full GuildQuality “2018 Third Quarter Market Predictions” report, including how its members changed their outlook during the quarter, as it originally appeared in English.

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