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Construction Podcast 38: Create a low-cost marketing-advertising plan

Andy Bergren discusses why remodelers and other contractors should write a low cost marketing-advertising plan, and what are the most important things that should be included in that plan.  Bergren, who works for Group Two, a Philadephia-based agency that works exclusively with remodelers and builders, recommends the following components for a low-cost marketing-advertising plan:

  • Deliver a fantastic customer experience for every client.
  • Have an easy-to-navigate, clean-looking website.
  • Know how to use SEO to your benefit.
  • Build an internal email list and system because email is the cheapest marketing advertising tool.
  • Show off your products and services at events and trade shows.
  • Grow your online community through social media to drive traffic to your company’s website.
  • Utilize social media advertising, such as Facebook ads, to target homeowners in certain zip codes.
  • Implement a referral program.
  • Educate homeowners through content marketing, which is cheaper and more effective than traditional marketing and advertising.

Finally, Bergren said that many of these things are offer high value at a low cost to your construction business.

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