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Construction Podcast 29: Get your remodeling projects published

Stacey Freed, former senior editor at Remodeling magazine, talks about how to get your remodeling projects published and explains home remodelers and other contractors the benefits of getting their remodeling projects published in magazines and online. Remodeling articles can serve as an extension of a Pro’s website, and can inspire clients. If the article is published in a remodeling magazine, Freed advised contractors to place copies of the publication in local doctors’ and dentists’ offices and other places with heavy customer traffic. Talking with hosts John Gordon and David Dovell, Freed laid out a step-by-step approach for researching the best category publications for specific contractors’ needs, and then how to reach out to those media companies with story ideas and photographs of the remodeling projects. Also in this podcast, Adam Zambanini of Trex told listeners about the consumer-driven improvements that the composite decking manufacturer has made to its composite decks products in recent years, and how home builders and remodelers can profit by installing Trex.

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