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Construction materials and tools preferred by pros

Antonio Ruiz is as reliable as his tools. Whatever the nature or complexity of the project, this maintenance and repair superintendent at Best Formulations, a Southern California pharmaceutical company, considers his work a hobby. The most enjoyable part of his job, says Ruiz, is shopping for construction materials and tools.

Construction materials and tools recommended by pros

Antonio Ruiz, Maintenance and Repair Superintendent, Best Formulations

“Once a budget is approved, I love the creativity involved in maximizing the budget, and choosing construction materials and tools for a project,” he says. “It’s a way to break the routine and find out about the latest in construction materials.”

“Maintenance and repair is a rewarding and exciting job, and a continuous learning experience,” says Ruiz, who for the past 13 years has been in charge of everything from painting, electrical and plumbing repairs to carpentry, floor installation, renovations and additions.

“I particularly enjoy construction work, but I spend most of my time repairing and replacing floors, doors, walls and fixtures,” he says. “You name it, I’ve done it. The company is constantly growing and changing, and I help them get there.”

Construction materials and tools

Sliding dual bevel compound miter saw Milwaukee 12-inch

“This compact sliding compound miter saw’s design makes it easy to make very accurate cuts. I’ve been using Milwaukee saws for several years now and performance has always been great.”

Construction materials and tools - BEHR Premium PlusInterior flat paint BEHR Premium Plus

“This is my interior paint of choice. It’s always in stock, and it has a great price and even greater quality. Plus, its durability and coverage are guaranteed, so there’s a certain layer of protection when working with this brand.”

Construction materials and tools - Porter-Cable framing nailer

Framing nailer Porter-Cable 3½-inch

“I fell in love with this brand many years ago while working as a furniture maker and carpenter. It’s not too heavy, and has an excellent price and great quality. It’s a great tool.”


Construction materials and tools - DeWalt-14.4V driver drill kitDriver-drill kit DeWalt 14.4V ½-inch XRP

“I really like DeWalt tools, particularly this versatile and reliable cordless drill. Its size and power make it a really flexible tool, particularly for maintenance and repair jobs.”

MAT 6-inch stainless steel joint finishing knife

“I love this joint knife for small repairs and drywalling jobs. I like that it’s made of stainless steel, which makes for a sturdy tool and allows me to soak it in water for several hours to get it clean.”

Construction materials recommended by pros - Husky air compressorAir Compressor Husky 3.2-hp 60-gallon cast iron

“I have owned my Husky air compressor for more than five years, and it’s never failed me. This air compressor is just the right size and has enough air to handle almost any air tool I need.”

Water-based sealer-primer-stainblocker KILZ premium 5-gallon white pigmented interior/exterior

“I have been using Kilz primers for years with good reason. With this primer, a little goes a long way and performance is great. It dries fast and it works on all sorts of surfaces.”

–By Adriana Sibaja

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