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Coast FL75 435 Lumen Dual Color LED Headlamp

Coast FL75 435 Lumen Dual Color LED Headlamp

Five out of five Pro Construction Guide Advisors are recommending the Coast FL75 435 Lumen Dual Color LED Headlamp to other Pros after testing it on the job for two weeks in October.

Pro Construction Guide Field Testers
Alex Shapovalov — San Antonio, Texas
Constantinos Havelos — Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Howard Blomberg — Lexington, South Carolina
Jim Erickson — Crystal Falls, Michigan
Tom Ammerman — Old Town, Maine

The Advisors used the headlamp to lay lines in a crawl space in Texas, remodel a kitchen in Michigan and sharpen a chainsaw in Maine.

To hear what they had to say, check out the  Coast FL75 Field Test video.

The FL75 allows users to toggle between low- (66 lumens), medium- (255 lumens) and high- (435 lumens) intensity white light by pressing a button on the right side of the headlamp. A bezel on the lens can then be twisted to quickly adjust from what Coast calls an “Ultra View Flood Beam,” ideal for viewing large areas, to a “Bullseye Spot Beam” that projects a tighter beam for spotting objects hundreds of feet away.

A button on the left side of the lamp that activates a red LED is useful when the user wants to protect his or her night vision. The FL75 uses an impact-and weather-resistant casing, is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and runs up to 2.5 hours on high and up to 17 hours on low on three AAA batteries.

The power, comfort and durability of the FL75 was a revelation for four of the Advisors, including three who had been unsatisfied with other headlamps they had used. The fifth contractor already owned two Coast headlamps but said the FL75 was notably more comfortable. All said it provided ample light.

“A lot of light in a little package,” said Constantinos Havelos, who used the headlamp to run electrical, HVAC and plumbing lines in a crawlspace during the renovation of a master and hall bathroom.

Coast Lumen Dual Color LED Headlamp

A 435 Lumen Dual Color LED Headlamp with Twist focus

Four of the five said the twist focus was a useful feature.

“I had to use it a lot in crawlspaces I was working under for running those different lines,” said Havelos. “It really lit up the space magnificently. The Ultra View Flood Beam was great when working in a big area, and the Bullseye Spot Beam was great when I had to see something far off in the crawlspace.”

Alex Shapovalov used the twist focus feature during a major kitchen remodel that required running wiring through an attic and plumbing through cabinets.

“It becomes very handy if you work in a small spot or need to closely inspect something,” Shapovalov said of the Bullseye Spot Beam. “Wide angles come in handy when you’re working in the attic and need to see a large area.”

Tom Ammerman said being able to zoom in and out of the Bullseye Spot Beam mode transformed the task of sharpening a chainsaw blade from a difficult chore to something enjoyable.

“It used to be quite the chore to be able to see it with a magnifying glass and everything else,” Ammerman said of the task. “Now it’s fairly easy using this tilt light and adjustment to bring it in close up. I enjoy it more having the light on it — the bright light.”

Hinged beam

All five Advisors said the hinged beam worked well.

“It allowed me to light up any area I needed — whichever way my head was tilted,” said Havelos.

Jim Erickson said the headlamp was a big improvement over the lights he has clipped to the brim of his hard hat during his 29 years as a remodeler and general contractor.

“They never point in the right direction,” Erickson said of the clip lights. “The Coast has the adjustable head, so you can adjust it to fit whatever way you need.”

Comfort and convenience

Comfort and convenience also emerged as major benefits. All the Advisors remarked on the FL75’s light weight and liked that it could be worn directly on one’s head, cap or hard hat.

“It was very helpful to have my hands free to work because I didn’t have to carry large spotlights with extension cords,” said Havelos. “This 435 lumen dual color LED headlamp was the best solution!”

Handyman Howard Blomberg said the FL75 was more comfortable than any of the five headlamps he owns, including two Coast models he’s owned for a few years.

“That’s a big plus if working for several hours with a headlamp,” Blomberg said.

Erickson appreciated that the clips Coast provides kept the lamp from sliding on his hard hat, that its batteries are easy to access via a back panel and that the lamp uses widely available AAA batteries.


Before testing the Coast FL75 435 lumen dual color LED headlamp, Ammerman had used several headlamps, but he found they were cheaply made and went through batteries quickly.

“This is my first time using Coast, and it has changed our opinion of headlamps,” he said. “We just purchased another set. I may have to change the batteries, but I see this headlight lasting forever.”

Erickson liked that the buttons on the FL75 are enclosed to make the lamp more resistant to impact and bad weather.

“The headlamp is tough enough for most anything I would plan to stick my head into,” quipped Blomberg.

“It’s a very durable design,” agreed Havelos, adding that he never worried about breaking it if he clipped on a joist while working in a crawlspace.

Requested tweaks

When asked how they would improve the Coast 435 lumen dual color LED headlamp, the Advisors offered several suggestions.

  • Add a setting to diffuse the white LED so the user can converse face-to-face with others without blinding them.
  • Make the on/off buttons more prominent so they are easier to find when wearing work gloves.
  • Fasten the battery compartment with a screw rather than a clip to enhance durability.
  • Add a tension adjustment to the hinged beam so it can be adjusted if it ever loosens up.

Ammerman could not offer a single suggestion.

“It’s hard to improve perfection,” he said. “This is something I will use a lot. I will be purchasing more for the shop, the house and the car.”

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