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Construction Podcast 55: How to improve indoor air quality

Gord Cooke, an engineer and building scientist, provides Pros with easy ways to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) of clients’ homes so that the homeowners and houses both remain healthy. Cooke, a partner in Construction Instruction, has worked in the construction industry for decades. You can find our more information about IAQ at his website: […]


Construction Podcast 51: Boost revenues by renovating homes for sale

Greg Hanner tells Pros how they can boost revenues by renovating homes for sale. You can also discover a new stream of revenues and profits by repairing and remodeling homes for sale. Greg is a custom builder and a realtor with years of experience doing this work. Greg’s website is gardenrealty.com. He can be reached greg@gardenrealty.com […]


Construction Podcast 47: Should you buy a construction franchise?

In this episode, remodeler Ryan Parsons shares the pros and cons of owning a franchise business, and helps you determine if you should buy a construction franchise. The firm that Ryan Parsons owns with his brother, Ken, the Brothers Who Just Do Gutters, almost shut down during the recession. He said he and Ken learned a […]


OSHA’s new rule on silica dust

OSHA has proposed a new rule to protect construction workers from the effects of inhaling crystalline silica particles (also called “respirable” particles).


Construction Podcast 44: Common construction mistakes – Foundations and framing

Matt Risinger, a remodeler and builder in Austin, tells Pros the best way to reduce common builder mistakes and callbacks in the foundation and framing categories. is by hiring a top-notch framer, paying attention to the details during the framing process, and installing quality products, especially engineered lumber subfloors. Listen to this podcast and find […]


Construction Podcast 41: Legal Issues Affecting Construction Contractors

There are two legal issues affecting construction contractors that construction company owners need to know about: how to properly classify 1099 installation workers and how to create a project contract that’s legal in the state you do business. Attorney D.S. Berenson, who works exclusively with Pros, says owners who don’t classify workers correctly or who […]

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