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ARMOR ALL Product Showcase

This Pro Construction Guide Product Showcase is brought to you by Energizer®

Got some free time on your hands? With many of our businesses temporarily slowing down and the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning and prepare for a busy summer.

Remove dirt and grime, mess and grease from your car’s fabric or leather, carpet and console with disposable Armor All® Cleaning wipes. They’re a quick and easy way to get your car ready for action—without damaging or dulling surfaces. And with our Moisture Lock Lid, your wipes are guaranteed to stay fresh for at least a year.*

Get Armor All® Cleaning Wipes at The Home Depot.

*This product is guaranteed not to dry out for one year from date of purchase.

Don’t forget to check your car’s A/C and keep it cool before the summer heat hits!

Try A/C Pro® Ultra Synthetic A/C Recharge Kit to give your A/C a boost. This easy‑to‑use kit comes with a reusable charging hose and gauge with trigger dispenser—and is specially designed to help your vehicle produce colder air. Use it to seal leaks and extend your car’s A/C life before summer starts.

Find A/C Pro® at The Home Depot.

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