2017 top tools and brands - Pro Construction Guide
2017 top tools and brands for construction Pros

2017’s top tools and brands for construction Pros

Thanks in part to the cordless revolution, 2017 was a prolific year for power tool releases, but 8 rose as the 2017 top tools, according to the editors at one website.

Power tools and accessories from Bosch, DeWalt, Hilti, Hitachi, Husky, Makita, Metabo and Milwaukee made ToolsinAction.com’s list of “Best Power Tools for 2017,” while Ryobi was “an easy pick” as the Best Homeowner Brand.

“When it comes to the homeowner, no one comes close to Ryobi,” according to site.  “Heck, even some professional brands don’t come close to Ryobi. The best part of Ryobi, quality products for a reasonable price.”

The site called out Klein as the Best Hand Tool Brand.

“Most of the Klein hand tools are extremely comfortable and built for the job site,” the site reports. “An American company making quality American tools with American workers for the American worker, well that’s a win all the way around.”

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