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What's in your Toolbox?

What’s in a Roofer’s Toolbox?

Brian Douthat  //  Prostar Contracting //  Cumming, Ga.

“Don’t get hurt and do good work, and you will succeed,” says Brian Douthat, owner of Prostar Contracting, a service-based roofing company that specializes in maintenance and repairs.

APR-MAY2017_TB_Brian“Much of my roofing career has been construction-based,” he says. “I started this company almost two years ago, and it’s focused on repairs and service, more so than construction.”

Douthat began working in construction at the young age of 13. He has worked in specifically in roofing for 16 years. His time in the industry has taught him the unique challenges that working on a roof can bring.

“The danger level of it is higher than many jobs,” he says. “Wind and rain are definitely factors on a roof, more than anywhere else on the jobsite.”

Working safely brings good work, which Douthat believes will sell itself. “Always provide the highest quality product that you can, so your past customers will be your best salespeople,” he says.

He encourages those interested in the roofing field to start a small, service-based business in maintenance and repairs, and then move on to bigger projects, such as construction. “Maintain your contacts, always be marketing and always do your best work,” he says. And finally, make sure you always have high quality tools in your roofer’s toolbox. t

Wiss Aviation Snips Model #M3RS

APR-MAY2017_TB_WissIf you need to cut sheet metal, you need some shears. The Wiss brand shears stay sharper longer, and the hinges stay tight.

Estwing ProClaw Nail Puller Model #PC250G


The Estwing nail puller is another old faithful tool. They dig deep, and have good leverage and a comfortable handle.

Makita Reciprocating Saw Model #JR3050T


When it comes to reciprocating saws, the Makita Reciprocating Saw is comfortable and strong, and the blade lock mechanism works very well.

Stanley PowerLock Tape Rule Model #33-272


Stanley Powerlock tapes have been in my toolbox for 30 years. I don’t think I’ll switch brands anytime soon.

DeWalt 7¼” Circular Saw Model #DWE575


The DeWalt circular saw has a low handle position, is lightweight, sets perfect angles, cuts straight, and is super-fast and strong.

Husky 16oz Fiberglass Claw Hammer Model #N-G16CHD-HN


Among all the different types of claws, claw hammers are best for roofing. Husky hammers are as durable as any other. I’ve had mine for several years.

QuickClick Ladder Stabilizer Model #AC78


A ladder positioning apparatus is helpful. Some bolt on. This one is easily detachable.

Qualcraft Rooftop Safe-Tie Bucket Kit Model #00815-QC


The most important tool is you. Working safely is just common sense.

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