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  • techo escarchado 3
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    How to patch a popcorn ceiling

    techo escarchado 1

    Before you patch a popcorn ceiling, you must prepare the ceiling surface.

    Before you patch a popcorn ceiling, you must prepare the ceiling surface. Carefully scrape away any existing stained or damaged popcorn material using a putty knife. Prime the area using a white primer or sealer to protect from further damage.

    Whether you need to “patch” a damaged section of an existing popcorn texture or apply this texture for the first time, Homax has several options for fast and easy repair of your damaged popcorn ceiling texture:

    • A quick and easy to use squeeze tube
    • A pre-mixed tub of popcorn that can be applied with a brush or putty knife
    • A convenient aerosol textures for larger repair.


    techo escarchado 2

    Carefully scrape away any existing stained or damaged popcorn material using a putty knife.

    Small repair

    This no-mess, simple squeeze tube features a capped foam tip that allows you to gently blend in new popcorn texture where you might have a scrape, gouge or small repair. It contains commercial grade popcorn texture with polystyrene chips and 7.5 ounces will cover up to 1 square foot.

    Popcorn ceiling patch

    This pre-mixed, ready-to-use popcorn ceiling texture can be applied using a paint brush, putty knife or trowel. It can be applied as thin or thick as desired to cover ceiling repairs or damage and match existing texture. A 1-quart container will cover up to 1 square foot.

    techo escarchado 3

    Convenient aerosol application offers fast repair of popcorn texture damage.

    Aerosol textures

    Convenient aerosol application offers fast repair of popcorn texture damage without the hassle of a hopper gun, mixing or tools. Three formulations offer different features to suit your specific needs.

    Popcorn ceiling texture – Simulated chip material is easy to use and ideal for multiple small repairs. Twelve ounces covers 8 square feet.

    Easy patch popcorn – This product contains foam aggregate chips that blend with popcorn, perlite or other ceiling texture materials. Fourteen ounces covers 6 square feet.

    Pro grade popcorn – This product uses commercial grade popcorn material containing polystyrene chips for a perfect match. Sixteen ounces covers 2 square feet.

    Installation tips

    parchar un techo escarchado - Homax

    • When using aerosol textures for ceiling repair, protect the floor and surrounding furniture with plastic drop cloths.
    • Always wear eye protection and a hat.
    • Wetting the ceiling texture may help to soften aged material and reduce dust. Use a spray bottle or pump sprayer to thoroughly wet the ceiling surface.
    • Prime/seal the surface if water damage as occurred or it was necessary to scrape down to the drywall to remove damaged texture.
    • Apply texture in light coats, allowing it to dry before applying more chips, if necessary. If product is applied too heavily, the texture will sag or drip.
    • Blend in the repair with the surrounding popcorn surface, feathering over the existing texture.
    • If painting is required to match the color of the surrounding surface, use a paint pad or soft brush with a light touch so popcorn is not removed.


    WARNING: If the ceiling texture was applied before 1979, do not remove it without having it tested for asbestos content. Asbestos fibers, when inhaled, can cause serious health problems including cancer. Prior to the 1980’s, asbestos was used in thousands of different construction materials and manufactured products, including acoustic (popcorn) ceiling textures. Contact the Environmental Protection Agency for more information or have it tested by a professional asbestos testing company.

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