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RIDGID 200 PSI 4.5 Gallon Quiet Compressor

Perfect for any job with 200 psi The RIDGID 200 PSI 4.5 Gallon Quiet Compressor is powerful and appropriate for any job with 200 psi. Work with multiple people on the jobsite with dual universal quick connectors and use two nailers at once. The new compact and lightweight design makes this compressor up to 61 [...]

STAFDA Convention 2016 Wrap-Up

The Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) 2016 saw another year of great success in Atlanta. The Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association -STAFDA Convention 2016 was held Nov. 8-10 at Atlanta’s World Congress Center, and the show did not disappoint. More than 3,750 members attended the association’s 33rd Annual Convention and Trade Show. [...]

Protecting Construction Workers from Zika

You may not think Zika affects you, based on your location. But if your workers travel to other states for work or pleasure, they may very well be affected. Take a look at these tips to start protecting construction workers  from Zika now By Jennifer Morrell Mosquitoes have long been the outdoor pests we’d love to see [...]

5 Tips for Earning a Profit on Every Job

One of the most important steps contractors can take toward profitability is to forget everything they think they know about pricing jobs. That is among the hard-earned lessons Brothers Who Just Do Gutters Co-founder Ryan Parsons shared in his fourth appearance on Pro Construction Guide PROcast, which is the industry’s only podcast dedicated exclusively to [...]

Trends in white tile for bathrooms

White tile for bathrooms are a popular choice for homeowners who want to bring a larger, brighter feel to their bathroom. “Just because white tile is trending right now, it doesn’t mean we have a bunch of bathrooms that look the same,” said Marcus Hull, a store manager at The Tile Shop in Glen Burnie, Maryland. […]


A Freshening Up: Bathroom Renovation Ideas that Shine

By Sulema Vela, Southern Division Pro Director, The Home Depot As homeowners begin looking ahead to spring renovation projects, now is the time to capitalize and sell the aesthetic and practical benefits of bathroom improvements. Whether applying something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or conducting more detailed fixture overhauls, there are plenty [...]

What’s In a Remodeler’s Toolbox

Just more than a year ago, Zach Burske transitioned from 10 years of new construction work to remodeling with J&A Pino Construction, which he describes as “a whole different world.” “With remodeling work, you have to open things up and assess what’s there and what needs to be done,” says Burske. “With new construction, all [...]

How to avoid nail blowouts

Carpenter Jesse De Geest has some very insightful and useful advice about how to avoid nail blowouts. He knows his stuff, and he’ll show you how in a short the video below. In the video, De Geest shares two hard-earned tips concerning nail blowouts—particularly around window and door jambs, where they can be most problematic. […]


5 steps to installing crown molding on a vaulted ceiling

Traditional crown molding is installed horizontally, so angling it upward to suit a vaulted ceiling makes the molding look broken, disorganized and confused. One solution for installing crown molding on a vaulted ceiling is “flying” crown molding, which is installed horizontally several feet below ceiling height. The straight line creates a triangular patch out of the [...]
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