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SunTouch A Watts Brand: Flexible and affordable floor warming solutions

 This Pro Construction Guide Product Showcase is brought to you by SunTouch A Watts Brand WarmWire: Electric floor heating for any room WarmWire can be installed using either CableStrap™ or HeatMatrix™ to bring the unparalleled warmth of radiating heat to any room at an affordable cost. It's even approved for shower installation in some jurisdictions and has [...]

Worm Vs. Direct Drive Circular Saws: Do you know the difference?

With many major differences between them, it pays to understand these tools. By Gregg Mangialardi When deciding between two popular types of circular saws – worm drive and direct drive – knowing the major differences between them is important. A worm drive saw is a narrower, longer tool with the blade on the left, giving [...]

Mudding & Taping Drywall

You've put your drywall up. You've made sure that everything is aligned. Don't forget to make sure the sheetrock does not overlap on the corners. The sheetrock should match the edge of your stud on both sides of the corner. And make sure you leave an empty triangle of space on the corner. This enables [...]

Energizer products have long-lasting power for your most important jobs

This Pro Construction Guide Product Showcase is brought to you by Energizer® Energizer® Vision HD up to 180 Lumen (in high mode) Headlamp The Energizer® Vision HD headlight combines the latest technology with enhanced functionality, including a smart-dimming feature that enables users to control light intensity. Powerful bulb is up to 4x brighter than standard LED technology and unique optic [...]

Must-Have Fire Safety Upgrades to Discuss with your Clients

A debilitating fire ranks among any property owner’s worst fears, with the efforts required to clean up soot and water damage and replace household items potentially costing thousands of dollars. With October’s National Fire Prevention Month observance underway, now is the ideal time to reinforce fire safety best practices with your clients and sell fire […]


Fast 5 – Five drywalling tips you should know

Ask any contractor, and he'll tell you that drywall installation is only as complicated as you make it. And much like any task you tackle on a project, there's a right way to do it, and a wrong way. We don't have to tell you that if you do it right the first time, you [...]

5 No No’s to Avoid While Installing Drywall

Whichever type of project you tackle, there are always going to be “do's and don'ts.” Here's a snapshot of some of the most common no no's to avoid while installing drywall. No. 1 – Identifying Framing Spots The first of the most common no no's to avoid while installing drywall is forgetting to mark the location [...]

Perfecting the Drywall Lift

They're heavy. They're floppy. That's right – drywall can be a cumbersome one-man job. And while you typically want to have some reinforcements, there are times when it's just you, the drywall and the ceiling. And there is where you need a drywall lift. A drywall lift can help place your drywall into the right position. [...]

Using a reciprocating saw as a garden tool

From pruning to edging to small-tree removal, using a reciprocating saw as a garden tool is sometimes better than a landscaping tool or a chain saw. Pruning blades designed for use with a reciprocating saw typically are made from high-carbon steel and have a variable-set tooth pattern with four or five teeth per inch. Manufacturers [...]

How to reduce vibration when using a reciprocating saw

Like with angle grinders, impact drivers, hammer drills, jack hammers and chain saws, contractors would like to know how to reduce vibration when using a reciprocating saw as they vibrate hard when in use. The impact to the user’s body can be harmful. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) warns contractors that long-term exposure [...]
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