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Construction Worker Classification on the Jobsite

You may not think the ‘W2 versus 1099’ decision is overly important. But when an accident occurs, the construction worker classification becomes the focus of OSHA and, ultimately, the employer and the injured employee. By Maureen Upchurch When ground breaks on a construction project, the first order of business is completion of the “standard” paperwork. [...]

Fanning the Flames on Fire Safety: Hassle-Free Upgrades for Added Property Protection

  Preventative fire safety measures that can safeguard homes from fire are of paramount importance to homeowners. Faulty wires or improperly connected smoke detectors are dangerous for families and can lead to costly repairs. In fact, HomeAdvisor estimates that an average fire is responsible for $4,000 in damage, factoring in water and soot removal and […]


Safety tips for nail gun users

Following safety tips for nail gun users will help you minimize the risk. And manufacturers of nail guns continue to improve safety with the latest introductions.


Must-know angle grinder safety tips

Grinding or cutting with an angle grinder presents some distinct dangers not found with other power tools. Follow these must-know angle grinder safety tips to minimize your risk .


Safety tips for chainsaws

Injuries from chainsaws require the most stitches of any power tool and are known for being particularly gruesome.


New requirements for OSHA Form 300

All employers are required to file OSHA Form 300 when an employee is killed on the job or suffers a work-related hospitalization, amputation  or loss of an eye.

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