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16 unique ways to decorate with crown molding

Here are some unique ways to decorate with crown molding, besides using it on the intersection of walls and ceilings: Create a 4-foot, bumped-out ledge over top of a kitchen window to make the room appear larger, and to provide the homeowner with extra space for plants and decorative plates. Skip the ceiling trim in the kitchen. [...]

10 Pro-tested tips for flawless crown molding installations

An installer’s job isn’t finished once the crown molding is on the wall. Here are 10 post-placement tasks that will elevate the project from finished to flawless.  Spackle, don’t caulk, nail holes. If you hide the nail holes in the molding with caulk, it most likely will leave a small dimple once it’s dry because […]


8 common crown molding materials

Wood, plaster and polyurethane are the most common crown molding materials. But they’re hardly interchangeable when it comes to price, quality and ease of installation. Here is a rundown of common crown molding materials and their uses. Popular crown molding materials Solid wood. Hardwoods like oak and mahogany are the most traditional modeling material, and […]


How to create fancy inexpensive crown molding looks

Here are three ways to create fancy inexpensive crown molding looks and deliver the appearance of luxury for less to a client with a limited budget. Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5 Stack a few layers of inexpensive trim. It costs less than one-piece crown molding, but if you choose nice-looking pieces, the effect will be [...]

9 steps for cutting precise outside crown molding corners

Cutting and matching up crown molding for outside corners is among the most difficult jobs when installing trim. Here are 9 steps for cutting precise outside crown molding corners. The reason: Crown molding doesn’t rest flush against the wall. If it did, says Leah Bolden, a master craftswoman and founder of the home-improvement site See […]