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Everything to Know about Wood Floor Finishes

The floor is sanded. Check. Smoothed. Check. Now if you're ready for the staining, here is everything you need to know about wood floor finishes. As you approach the process, there are two options available – a colored finish, or a stain or wood dye. The colored finish includes things like browned lacquer, a floor [...]

Staining Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

When you walk across the hardwood floor, you hear it. Your shoes stick to the floor with each and every step. It's a peeling sound that people obviously want to do without. Some equate it to that old "nail-across-a-chalkboard" sound. That sound indicates that the floor needs to be re-stained. But what if sanding is [...]

How to sharpen your floor stripper blades

Is there anything more frustrating than a floor stripper that doesn't strip as expected? What's a contractor to do, right? Well, there is something you can do, and it all starts with those floor scraper blades. Learning how to extend the life and sharpen your floor stripper blades saves time and money. Using dull stripper [...]

3 things to know before renting a flooring scraper

It's a given that the size and scope of the flooring job you are working on dictates what type of equipment you choose. But there are other factors to consider before renting a flooring scraper, so here are three tips. Know the building What is it capable of? If you are working on a large [...]

3 Reasons Hand-scraped Hardwood Floors Make Sense

Fact: Hand-scraped hardwood floors have been around, since, well, at least the 1600s (think wood planks). Some historians would even say longer. Regardless which time frame you side with, one fact remains golden – the artistic value of adding divots, scrapes and buffing techniques helps give a floor its own identity. And, depending on the look [...]

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring 101

Antique Oak. Historic Plank. Hickory. Wormy Chestnut. Beech/Maple and White Pine. And the list goes on and on... When it comes to giving a project that little something extra, adding reclaimed hardwood flooring can provide a beautiful and warm finish all its own. And its appeal surpasses aesthetics, since repurposing reclaimed wood also demonstrates a [...]