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Brushing Up: Tips, Tools and Trends for a More Efficient Paint Project

By Jud Walford, Pro Paint Merchant, The Home Depot Paint plays a key role in a wide variety of pro projects, from large interior room remodels to small touch up work. Regardless of the job, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends, materials and technologies to make sure your team is [...]

Spring Cleaning Products for Contractors

The season to clean and revitalize is upon us. Check out this list of spring cleaning products for contractors to be sure you understand the benefits and abilities of each of those products. By Jennifer Morrell It’s springtime, and the urge to spruce up, clean out and otherwise rejuvenate is sure to hit. As a [...]

16 unique ways to decorate with crown molding

Here are some unique ways to decorate with crown molding, besides using it on the intersection of walls and ceilings: Create a 4-foot, bumped-out ledge over top of a kitchen window to make the room appear larger, and to provide the homeowner with extra space for plants and decorative plates. Skip the ceiling trim in the kitchen. [...]

How to Paint a Vaulted Ceiling

Understanding the surfaces, dynamics and accessibility are key to painting a vaulted ceiling. By Chris Haught Staining or painting a vaulted ceiling presents painters with a set of unique challenges, beginning with access to the job. Since a vaulted ceiling often can be more than 20 feet high, the best approach to painting a vaulted [...]

How to Rough-in Plumbing in New Construction

This high-end rough-in plumbing work combines the right materials, tools and techniques. By Harvey Adams and Michael Davis The first step for a successful rough-in plumbing in new construction is to get familiar with the local plumbing codes. States, counties and even municipalities create building codes. Regardless of how you learned to do the rough-in plumbing [...]

How to avoid nail blowouts

Carpenter Jesse De Geest has some very insightful and useful advice about how to avoid nail blowouts. He knows his stuff, and he’ll show you how in a short the video below. In the video, De Geest shares two hard-earned tips concerning nail blowouts—particularly around window and door jambs, where they can be most problematic. […]


10 steps for installing mosaic tiles

Homeowners like colorful mosaic tiles on the floor and as an accent in their showers. Installing mosaic tiles requires patience and time, so it’s important to remember this for any time-sensitive projects. What you need: Mosaic tiles Tile adhesive Tile spacers Tile nipping tool/grinder/wet-cutting tile saw 3/16-inch V-notched trowel Rubber grout float Caulking gun Grout [...]

10 Pro-tested tips for flawless crown molding installations

An installer’s job isn’t finished once the crown molding is on the wall. Here are 10 post-placement tasks that will elevate the project from finished to flawless.  Spackle, don’t caulk, nail holes. If you hide the nail holes in the molding with caulk, it most likely will leave a small dimple once it’s dry because […]


How to re-grout a tiled shower

If you are remodeling an old bathroom where mold is present in the shower, it’s likely you’ll have to re-grout the walls. The hardest part of the job is removing the old, stained grout, but here is how to re-grout a tiled shower and what tools make the job a lot easier. Aside from an […]


How to install a leak-resistant tile shower floor

A neatly tiled shower floor can add a special sparkle to a bathroom, and is a much-admired feature by many homeowners. To install a leak-resistant tile shower floor, follow these step-by-step instructions below. Tools and materials needed: Tiles Thinset mortar Plastic buckets Short spirit level Cordless power drill with whip attachment Sharp utility knife Tile cutting […]

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