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10 steps for installing mosaic tiles

Homeowners like colorful mosaic tiles on the floor and as an accent in their showers. Installing mosaic tiles requires patience and time, so it’s important to remember this for any time-sensitive projects. What you need: Mosaic tiles Tile adhesive Tile spacers Tile nipping tool/grinder/wet-cutting tile saw 3/16-inch V-notched trowel Rubber grout float Caulking gun Grout [...]

10 Pro-tested tips for flawless crown molding installations

An installer’s job isn’t finished once the crown molding is on the wall. Here are 10 post-placement tasks that will elevate the project from finished to flawless.  Spackle, don’t caulk, nail holes. If you hide the nail holes in the molding with caulk, it most likely will leave a small dimple once it’s dry because […]


Construction Podcast 63: 10 great tool gifts for $25, $50 and $100

Clint DeBoer, editor-in-chief of Pro Tool Reviews, presents 10 great holiday tool gifts for the Pro. The tools run the gamut from a 15-inch prybar to a box level to an ultra-lightweight portable jacket. There’s something for every contractor on your gift list – including you. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | […]


3 steps for prepping a shower for tile

Installing tile in a shower wall and floor without the proper prep work can result in leaks, mold and expensive repairs down the road. Here are step-by-step instructions for prepping a shower for tile correctly. Step 1 Check stud walls Check every stud wall in the shower to make sure they’re plumb, not protruding and […]


How to clear up home air quality issues

Although most Americans recognize hazards in outdoor air such as smog, allergens, and ground-level ozone, many aren’t aware that home air  quality issues can be just as dangerous. In fact, indoor environments are two to five times more toxic than outdoor air, according to the EPA. This means that a home can be unhealthy for residents, […]


How to use a wood jointer

A wood jointer is used to create accurate dimensional boards, creating finished board from cheap lumber or even recycled material. Here’s how to use a wood jointer to get the best results.


How to determine which planer you should use

Determine which planer you should use whether a surface planer, jointer or handheld power planer largely depends on what you need to accomplish, for though they’re all planers, they have different expertise.


A Pro’s 5-step guide to cold weather preparation

While the degree and type of impact may vary, winter weather affects properties and residents in every region. Unfortunately, most homeowners only realize that they have not taken the proper cold weather preparation steps when it is too late, and they either are staring at several feet of snow or gasping at an extraordinarily high utility [...]

The hunt for the best portable jobsite table saw

Table saws are undeniably the kings of rip cuts on the jobsite and in shops but which is the best portable jobsite table saw? The concept is simple: Place a motor below a solid table to turn a blade somewhere in the 4,000-5,000 rpm range through the surface and watch the sawdust fly. But how […]

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