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The Art of Building a Drywall Arch

Building a drywall arch is an art, but fitting drywall into a curve is where the professional contractor earns his money. To reduce time spent soaking a drywall strip into a curve, start by purchasing 1/4-inch drywall that’s designed to bend. For building a drywall arch, start by using your cut-out wood pieces as your drywall [...]

Repairing a Hole in Your Drywall

When it comes to drywall, holes happen. There's no way around it. Regardless of how it happened (and every hole has its story), you approach the process of repairing a hole in your drywall the same way. How you repair it depends on the damage done. Before tackling your project of repairing a hole in [...]

Repairing Deep Drywall Holes

The damage to drywall depends on the source. Smaller cracks or holes can be easily and inexpensively fixed. On the other hand, repairing deep drywall holes can test the skill level and patience of even the most experienced drywaller. First, for repairing deep drywall holes use a carpenter’s square and a pencil or marker to draw [...]

13 Tools for Drywall Work You Need at the Ready

Are you ready for that drywall installation you're staring down? Do you have all the hanging and finishing tools at the ready to efficiently and effectively knock everything out? It never hurts to click those items off your checklist. Here are some of the essentials tools for drywall work you should have when that project [...]

Hanging Drywall

Patience. Precision. Patience. When it comes to hanging drywall, regardless of where you’re putting it up, all you need are the right tools. Here’s everything you need (except that little extra muscle) to get your DIY drywall project started: Selecting Your Drywall Hanging drywall starts with the drywall. Should you use 3/8 inch or ½ [...]