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7 safety precautions for using a reciprocating saw

The Power Tool Institute offers these safety precautions for using a reciprocating saw. Extension cords. The power cords that come with reciprocating saws have limited length, so it’s not unusual to extend the reach of the tool by plugging it into an extension cord. If you do: Choose a cord with sufficient wire gauge and [...]

What top-rated reciprocating saws have in common

According to reviews of 2017’s top-rated reciprocating saws by Jason Saw Reviews, 10 Top Rated Reviews, Wiki.ezvid and SawingPros, this is what the best of the best reciprocating saws have in common: An adjustable or pivoting shoe. Being able to position the tool how you need it, depending on the space, location and material involved with the [...]

Add these RIDGID tools to your wish list

This Pro Construction Guide Product Showcase is brought to you by RIDGID® 10-inch Wet Tile Saw with Stand (#4092) RIDGID is the #1 selling pro tile saw brand for a reason, including this highly portable beast of a tile saw. The saw rips through ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and pavers up to 3.5 inches thick. [...]

Using a reciprocating saw as a garden tool

From pruning to edging to small-tree removal, using a reciprocating saw as a garden tool is sometimes better than a landscaping tool or a chain saw. Pruning blades designed for use with a reciprocating saw typically are made from high-carbon steel and have a variable-set tooth pattern with four or five teeth per inch. Manufacturers [...]

How to reduce vibration when using a reciprocating saw

Like with angle grinders, impact drivers, hammer drills, jack hammers and chain saws, contractors would like to know how to reduce vibration when using a reciprocating saw as they vibrate hard when in use. The impact to the user’s body can be harmful. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) warns contractors that long-term exposure [...]

8 tips for using a reciprocating saw

Long-time home-improvement contractor and owner of New Jersey-based Enduring Charm has eight tips for using a reciprocating saw for residential remodeling, repair and restoration. Tip 1. Get creative with blades. Instead of using a traditional reciprocating saw blade when you have to delicately reach behind trim, rig your saw with a hacksaw blade instead. The [...]

Extend the life of your reciprocating saw blades

Reciprocating saw blades dull quickly because they heat up as they move forward and backward to cut tough materials like nails, pipe and wood. However, you can extend the life of your reciprocating saw blades. Here’s how: --Another way to extend the life of your reciprocating saw blades is to lubricate the blade. Reciprocating saw [...]

How Concrete Cutting Tools Answer the OSHA Silica Standard

We tried out concrete and masonry cutting systems from several brands in accordance with Table 1 compliance of the new OSHA construction standard. By Michael Springer By now, anyone who cuts or drills into concrete or masonry knows that the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard has changed the way this work must [...]

The Large-Tile Revolution Comes of Age

Adding a sense of scale, sweep and grandeur to even the smallest rooms has never been easier, thanks to an exciting new large-format tile option. By Jack Roberts Is bigger always better? In the world of decorative tile, that was largely a moot question, until recently. Both consumer and residential markets have been dominated by smaller [...]

Corded or cordless reciprocating saw: which is better?

Corded or cordless reciprocating saw? Manufacturers make them in both corded and cordless models. Which is right for your job? Pros and cons Corded Reciprocating Saws Electric reciprocating saws have power cords, and they have to be plugged into an electrical outlet to operate. Because they can deliver non-stop torque—and lots of it—they are well-suited [...]
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