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Why and how to check the accuracy of your circular saw

Have you spent time checking the accuracy of your circular saw? Did you even know that you should? Whether guiding against a rafter square or straightedge or just following a line freehand, your saw needs to be in tune for efficient cutting. That means having accurate cutline markers and the shoe set parallel with the [...]

Everything to Know about Wood Floor Finishes

The floor is sanded. Check. Smoothed. Check. Now if you're ready for the staining, here is everything you need to know about wood floor finishes. As you approach the process, there are two options available – a colored finish, or a stain or wood dye. The colored finish includes things like browned lacquer, a floor [...]

Home Improvement Spending Shows Growth

Homeowners seeking to tackle home improvement projects are not deterred by political and economic uncertainties and are spending nearly 60 percent more than a year ago on home improvement according to HomeAdvisor’s 2017 True Cost Report. The report provides insight into homeowner spending trends and the greater macro political and economic factors influencing home project [...]

Staining Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

When you walk across the hardwood floor, you hear it. Your shoes stick to the floor with each and every step. It's a peeling sound that people obviously want to do without. Some equate it to that old "nail-across-a-chalkboard" sound. That sound indicates that the floor needs to be re-stained. But what if sanding is [...]

6 drill and impact driver kits worth Pro consideration

The drill and impact driver 2-tool combo kit is the most popular kit sold and every Pro has one. For Pros, you have your drill bit in the drill and driver bit in the impact driver to drill pilot holes and drive screws without having to change the bits. Even when that’s not the task [...]

2017 Pickup Trucks for Pros

Comfort and safety add to pickup practicality By Steve Sturgess More features have made working pickup trucks for pros that double as recreational vehicles when off duty more attractive than ever. There’s big news in driver-assist safety features, such as lane keeping and collision avoidance. Full-sized trucks Ram 1500 With the available 3.0 V6 EcoDiesel [...]

Ladder safety is improving, step by step

Compared to power saws and drills, electrical wiring, and other potentially dangerous tools and materials construction professionals train to use properly, ladders look simple and non-threatening. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as ladders are involved in many workplace injuries and deaths each year. By Jim Cook Construction managers and workers often underestimate the dangers posed [...]

How to sharpen your floor stripper blades

Is there anything more frustrating than a floor stripper that doesn't strip as expected? What's a contractor to do, right? Well, there is something you can do, and it all starts with those floor scraper blades. Learning how to extend the life and sharpen your floor stripper blades saves time and money. Using dull stripper [...]

Upgrades on Deck: Five Strategies for Creating an Outdoor Space that Shines

By Geoff Case, Pressure-Treated Lumber and Decking Merchant, The Home Depot With the summer winding down, cooler fall weather around the corner and outdoor gathering opportunities becoming more frequent, it is the perfect time to sell your clients on the benefits of a deck makeover…or perhaps the need to build a new one altogether. Fine-tuning [...]

Pros test and rank 10 Pro-duty impact driver

Editor’s note: The following article first appeared in at By Todd Fratzel Three brands floated to the top in a recent test of 10 Pro-duty, battery-powered impact drivers. Tested models included: Bosch Model IDH182B DeWalt Model DCF887B Hilti Model SID 4-A22 Kobalt Model 672824 Makita Model XDT12T Metabo Model SSD 18 LTX200 Milwaukee Model [...]
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