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How to use a wood jointer

A wood jointer is used to create accurate dimensional boards, creating finished board from cheap lumber or even recycled material. Here’s how to use a wood jointer to get the best results.


How to use a surface planer

Whether you use a surface planer, a jointer or hand planer largely depends on what you need to accomplish, for though they’re all planers, they require different expertise.


How to use a cordless hand planer

The cordless hand planer, or handheld power planer, is an improvement on the traditional hand planer. Here’s how to use a cordless hand planer.


How to measure crown molding before you cut

Crown molding installation requires three steps: measuring, cutting and nailing. Measuring, most installers agree, is the most important. Here is how to measure crown molding before you cut.


Make crown molding seams invisible

When crown molding seams that join two long lengths of crown molding are obvious, what is meant to embellish a room can be a distraction. Here is how to make crown molding seams invisible.


Top tile trends for bathrooms

Tile continues to be the top choice for walls and floors in bathroom remodeling jobs. Here are the top tile trends for bathrooms in 2016 that your customers are craving. Top tile trends for bathrooms — 3D 3-D tiles are making bold statements in bathrooms. 3-D textures and designs add a dramatic look that is impossible to ignore […]


Top tool picks of a site supervisor

David McGuirk has been doing renovation and painting work for years − including building his own house after marrying at 19. These are his top tool picks.

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