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A Freshening Up: Bathroom Renovation Ideas that Shine

By Sulema Vela, Southern Division Pro Director, The Home Depot

As homeowners begin looking ahead to spring renovation projects, now is the time to capitalize and sell the aesthetic and practical benefits of bathroom improvements. Whether applying something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or conducting more detailed fixture overhauls, there are plenty of opportunities to improve bathroom performance – and drive up home value – for clients in the coming months.

Customize your Look

Delta Sentiment FaucetThe first major decision to make with clients is how to establish the remade bathroom’s overall look and feel, and align new and existing components to produce a streamlined and stylish appearance. Discuss the smaller updates first, as these ultimately will lay the foundation for potential larger-scale renovations.

Start with a fresh coat of paint to bring new energy to the bathroom. Select a color that not only matches your clients’ desired look, but also adds shine to complementary faucets, vanities and hardware. The BehrPRO Paint line not only offers a thorough range of color shades and textures to match any client’s tastes, but also applies and dries quickly.

After defining a new color scheme, replace outdated hardware with modern models. As this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show showcased, bold colors are becoming more popular for faucets and fixtures. In a market long-governed by neutrals, matte black, copper, gold and other warm-colored options are emerging. Work with your clients to evaluate whether a more modern, non-traditional faucet style or a classic in chrome or stainless steel will achieve their desired look.

Enliven the Vanity

Glacier Bay VanityIn many ways, the vanity brings the bathroom together, serving as a source for everything from storage to personal grooming to plumbing concealment. With a host of pre-assembled and customizable models available, swapping out an older vanity for one that fits your clients’ new aesthetic is easier than ever. For instance, Glacier Bay offers vanity tops and cabinets that are quick to install and available in various materials, colors and finishes to match any bathroom theme.

Alternatively, consider a non-traditional implementation, such as a wood sink, for clients interested in a look that is both hip and unexpected. Sleek and powerful lighting also can bring out the best in vanity refinements – the Home Decorators Collection, for instance, offers lighting options that range from trendy to retro to simplistic.

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Go Sustainable

Glacier Bay High Efficiency ToiletBeyond an appearance upgrade, a bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to implement new eco-friendly technologies that reduce water and energy usage – and subsequent expenses – without sacrificing quality.

Replacing older toilets with modern, WaterSense certified alternatives can lower utility costs by up to 20 percent. Furthermore, most new dual-flush models are compliant with high-efficiency standards, and are an addition that environmentally-savvy clients will welcome.

Explore opportunities to replace outdated, low-flow showerheads with more powerful and environmentally-efficient models. This upgrade not only adds sophistication to the bathroom, but also provides a better shower experience and increased savings.

Do More with the Floor

Merola Tile RollEspecially for older properties, it’s likely that bathroom floors could use an upgrade to add color and texture to dull surfaces. Tap into the latest tiling trends to impress clients and bring a different and eye-catching look.

Across the space, more owners are introducing flooring elements from across the home into the bathroom. This includes faux stone and wood finish tiling more often found in kitchens and common areas. In addition, tiling that breaks long-held square and rectangular standards, such as hexagon and octagon shapes, is emerging as a go-to option. Such shape and texture flexibility enables you and your clients to rotate and arrange tiles to form floors that tell a creative story and accent the rest of the bathroom.

Whether applying something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or conducting a more involved overhaul, there are plenty of opportunities to help clients fall in love with a new bathroom.

By Sulema Vela, Southern Division Pro Director, The Home Depot

Sulema is responsible for the Pro business in The Home Depot’s Southern Division, leading a team of more than 80 Pro account representatives in an area that encompasses 700 stores across 13 states. She has more than 18 years of experience at The Home Depot, starting in 1999 as a part-time cashier while earning her bachelor’s degree in business administration. During her time at The Home Depot, Sulema has served in a variety of roles and capacities – including department supervisor, assistant store manager, store manager and district manager.

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