A Clean Slate: The Best Ways to Help your Clients Tidy up for Spring - Pro Construction Guide

A Clean Slate: The Best Ways to Help your Clients Tidy up for Spring

Pro Construction Guide, March 2017

By Lance Allen, Cleaning Merchant, The Home Depot

Spring is the beginning of the busy season for contractors, and cleaning projects are great transition jobs as clients dig out from the snow and get ready for outdoor living. Whether helping clients prepare for a project or simply recuperating from winter weather, spring cleaning is essential for maintaining both property performance and aesthetics. And just as you and your team need advanced, heavy-duty tools to perform their daily jobs, you likewise need state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a swift and thorough cleanup – either before or after major projects.

Keep the following tactics, products and techniques in mind when devising a maintenance plan, and ensure that you and your team are well equipped to deliver a makeover that your clients will find both comfortable and practical.


Work in from the Outside

For properties in areas subject to intense winter weather, the first essential spring cleaning task is to ensure that critical property components are both clean and structurally sound. Conduct a thorough walkthrough inspection with your clients to gauge potential damage to roofs, irrigation systems and landscaping.

Assuming that critical structures are intact and require no emergency repairs, the next exterior upgrade to consider is a basic cosmetic refreshment. Trimming trees and bushes potentially left untreated during the winter and removing fallen leaves, cones and branches not only removes clutter, but prevents gutter back-up and keeps walkways and doorways clear. Demobags are a great way to centralize and remove debris. These tear-resistant bags feature a tarp-like composition that can handle up to 110 pounds of loose materials to minimize cleanup time and effort.

A spring cleanup also is a great time to look for opportunities to improve curb appeal across your clients’ property. Even the most basic activities, ranging from paint touch-ups to removing dirt, grease and grime from outdoor patios, walkways and furniture, can help properties shine.

Whenever possible, purchase concentrated cleaning solutions in large, wholesale quantities to save time, money and space. For example, ZEP’s Citrus Degreaser comes in a 3.5 gallon size that can be diluted with water to make up to 56 gallons. Instead of purchasing dozens of small spray bottles, your team can re-use one repeatedly, saving storage space and shopping trips. Pros can save hundreds purchasing this way.

ZEP Citrus Degreaser

Shield Against Allergens

Spring is also the beginning of allergy season, and nearly 50 million Americans suffer from outdoor allergies. The most fundamental allergy defense you can reinforce with your clients is the importance of air filter replacement. Swapping out filters at least once every three months will make a significant difference, and create more breathable air that your teams and clients will appreciate.

As outdoor temperatures increase, so does the risk that bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and other home locales with moist surfaces will become breeding grounds for mold. Work with your clients to conduct preventative checks in caulked areas around tubs and sinks that often are havens for dirt and mildew. Installing a water detection alarm can alert your clients to high moisture levels and thwart unseen leaks before they become full-scale problems.

Keep Messes Contained

As you and your team begin renovations, always remember to leave your workspace cleaner than you found it. Modern, powerful tools can drive a faster, more efficient cleanup and offer another layer of personalized service to your clients.

One of the more tedious cleanup tasks is clearing debris following sidewalk, construction and implementation jobs. Thankfully, heavy-duty cleaning tools like jobsite push brooms are getting lighter and stronger. Rubbermaid’s Commercial Products Maximizer Mop, for example, provides 30 percent more floor coverage and weighs 25 percent less when wet.

Quickie Jobsite Multi-Surface Fiberglass Push Broom-lifestyle

The spring season, and spring cleaning, is coming sooner than later. Verifying now that you and your team have the right tools and strategies in place ultimately can help your year get off to the right start.

 By Lance Allen, Cleaning Merchant, The Home Depot

Lance joined The Home Depot in 2014 in product development and is currently the national Cleaning Merchant. With ample experience and background working with tools, hardware and paint, Lance has the knowledge to help the consumer and PRO meet all their product needs.

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