How to clean saw blades and router bits

Cut faster and safer with clean saw blades and bits.

How to cut crown molding

Installing crown molding right starts with making the cut. Follow these expert tips on how to cut crown molding perfectly.

5 low-cost marketing strategies for your business

If you can invest some time, there are many free or low-cost marketing strategies to help build your business.

Floor tile debate: stone vs. porcelain

You regularly install porcelain tile, but this customer wants the real thing. Or you know what’s involved in installing natural ...


How to create a countertop template

How to create a countertop template

An accurate countertop template is essential for installation of marble, granite and other stones.

Installing marble tile

Installing marble tile

Marble tile is beautiful but it requires a few special techniques to get a perfect ...


Masonry joints that face upward (also called “sky” joints) which you may end at exterior window sill details should not be repointed. These joints experience more expansion and contraction, and are typically caulked, rather than filled with mortar. Standard mortar will not provide adequate leak protection.

Tools & supplies

Cómo elegir modelos de escaleras

How to choose a ladder

For tips in how to choose a ladder that's right for the job, Werner’s website ...

herramientas manuales

The latest news in hand tools

Design improvements in hand tools may have you taking another look at the hand tools ...


Trabajar con asfalto de manera segura

Working safely with asphalt

Working with or around hot asphalt can present serious hazards and health risks.


How to prevent heat related illness

A few simple steps can help prevent heat illness and fatalities.


How to fire an employee

How to fire an employee

Best practices for construction business owners from legal experts.

seguro de responsabilidad general

Why you may need general liability insurance

Carrying adequate liability coverage makes good business sense, and in some states, it’s the law.

Business forms

These forms will help you manage your business and keep track of your expenses, profits and taxes.